Improper cuts

Just wanted to get some feedback on these pics tell me what you guys think as to the severity of these.





Ouch !!!great plumber…

Pic 1, Truss is shot. Needs reinforcement.
Pic 2, Can’t really tell, but since truss one needs reinforcement, might as well do this one too while you are at it.


Severity= rings the bell. You win a prize. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

pick your poison

Barry; Yellow and red for caution markers and I like the black for durability.

Ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

I hate to say it, but there are some things even duct tape can’t fix…I’m afraid this is one of those things…

The builder said his quality control was his son. (OUCH)

I asked him if he needed a new quality control guy

I should send over the pics of the tape He He He

R802.7.2 Engineered wood products.
Cuts, notches and holes bored in trusses, structural composite lumber, structural glue-laminated members or I-joists are prohibited except where permitted by the manufacturer’s recommendations or where the effects of such alterations are specifically considered in the design of the member by a registered design professional.


As ugly as the second one is, it’ll likely get an okay from the AHJ’s (around here, upper/lower chord not cut and it’s just the ‘one’)…

The first is obviously shot…

They are both toast, look behind the pex in the 2nd.

Maybe we should post these types of threads in the plumbing section as possibly some plumbers may come to the site and only visit there, never seeing the Structural threads. (LOL)

Here’s a good general reference:

DF,Z725,I-joist.0 1/16/01 5:39 PM Page 1

Page 13

Ahhh, Didn’t see that… Looks a little ‘rubbed’ or tapered along the top (maybe cut all the way through)…

Correct about the plumbers…

I guess I gotta ask, how did this pass a final inspection? Or even the plumbing inspection for that matter?. I’ve seen alot of joists cut by plumbers and HVAC people and they all have to be repaired before passing inspection.

Brian Jones

That is a very good question. Sometimes city inspectors are so lazy they don’t check i see this all to often.

A good framer will study the plans, ascertain where all the plumbing and HVAC lines will go and adjust his framing accordingly. I’ve seen too many joists cut mostly because of lazy framing methods. Years ago, part of my job was to go into houses after all the elec., plumbing and heating was done and repair all the cut joists and studs. Not a fun job.

No, but at least they got repaired and not covered in by finishes!!!

Yeah. That was back in the '80s. This was in 1200 = 1400 house subdivisions all over the GTA and surrounding area’s. I know corners were cut, but some of us took pride in our work and did the job right.

And this the age old and continuing war between carpenters and plumbers goes on and on.