Notched Trusses !

I found these at an inspection yesterday. An Evaporative cooler was placed in the attic(never seen that before) and to accomodate it some BRAINIAC decided to notch the 2 trusses that were in the way. The top cords that are cut are 2x4, leaving approx. 1 1/2". I am recommending a Struc Eng to evaluate.

Absolutely not allowed. . .

Besides the fact that this is not allowed, it would be conceivable that that the Manufacturer of the trusses be recommended for repairs. They have their own Engineers and will for a fee redesign a remedial alteration to the problem.

In this case you did well by recommending expert evaluation by a Structural Engineer.

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Not only is the notch an issue, but the additional load on the bottom chord of the trusses.

Good Call!

That appears to be a significant defect which requires repair since it looks like an engineered truss … JMO

Robert, it might just be you opinion, but your opinion along with Curtis is very accurate. This is an issue and needs further evaluation. Colorado does get snow right. Since we do not see all the other panel points of the truss that was notched, it is conceivable that the compression cords will excentrate addittional loads to the other trusses under a live load.

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Modification/cutting of conventional framing can be an issue, but field cutting/modification of engineered trusses is particular dangerous as they are designed right to the limit of the materials (no reserve or “field” factors beyond the required code minimums).

The truss top cords have significant compression load, and cuts like that are really not good. While I could design a repair for that, or other local qualified engineers, sometimes it’s better to go to the truss manufacturer if they can be identified. Just calling in a framing contractor usually results in an inadequate repair, which I have seen in the past … usually gets redone … :roll:

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Right on the money Robert.
Good advice.