Note from underwriting about a wind mit

Not quite sure what to make of this or how to handle it???

I just told the agent to take it up the chain with underwriting because this isn’t usually how the inspection is done with that photo and she agreed. Wondering if there is a better way for me to handle it or something else I should say?

You nailed it…" Just turn the damn thing in lady :slight_smile: "

Wow. According to your testimonials you spend an average of 15 minutes on site and charge $75. That’s something to be proud of.

Nothing wrong with that.
I can do a stand alone wind mit in that amount of time. Of course, my fee is triple…but you get what you can… :slight_smile:

I do stand alone wind mitigation in about 15 to 20 minutes. Nothing wrong with that. Depend on the roof shape and attic access to get the RTW connections.

Sometimes you really gotta crawl;)

I cannot do them that fast. Takes 5 minutes to walk around the house and get pictures. That includes pics of all the opening protection. Then you need pics of the garage, front door, and panel labels. If there is impact glass, I check multiple windows for the etchings and hove found some houses with impact and non-impact rated glass, even thought they say all the windows were installed at the same time. Then you have to go in the attic. That takes anywhere from 10 minutes and up, especially if you area checking more than one area for roof to wall connection. And nailing pattern should be done in more than one spot. So I don’t know how you guys are doing them in 15 minutes.

I would just send them this:

All kidding aside, this does expose the disconnect between people interpreting the form (UW) and those listed as qualified to do so. Hope you get it worked out…

Yeah had one yesterday crawling around for 15-20 minutes… it was way too hot. It feels like summer already, need a few more cool days.

I can do it one of two ways.

  1. Take all of the pictures with my camera of the outside, go in the attic and get those pictures and then, compile the report at a later time. With the wifi feature of the camera, I can import the pictures right to the phone and use the software on the phone, or, I can send the pictures to the desktop and do the same thing.
  2. Use my phone and software to take the pictures and automatically insert them in the form.

I prefer the camera method for the wind mits because with the zoom, I don’t usually have to crawl down to get the rtw picture. I can use my camera pole to move the insulation and then the zoom to get the picture.

There are going to be some houses where it may take more time, but then again, others may take less. I think John S has the record with 7 minutes… :slight_smile:

A majority of the form should be filled out before you get there. I did a house yesterday and all I had to do was fill in rtw and question 7. House was built in 97 in Broward county. The wind mit portion of the inspection took about 15 minutes. Adding the pictures and finalizing the report took another 5, and the hardest part was getting the rtw picture.

I also have the client sign the form when I am there on the phone.

I guess I am not quite understanding what the underwriter is getting at. Did you also have a photo of a shiner with measuring device that shows the 8d? Or, are they questioning using only marks for the spacing, and not 4 or 5 shiners in a row? Or, did you try and show 8d length with a magic marker and Zircon? I can understand the underwriter’s concern with the last one IMO.

Can you show us what RDA photos you submitted?

I just had one kicked back because the underwriter said I wasn’t qualified…
News to me. So now we have to email them all the info on courses taken, license, links etc.
Just plain silly.

It is why I have included a copy of my license as well as my certificate of completion of the required wind mit course, on the last page of the report.

Useless pictures…fluff…NOT!! :mrgreen:

Yes, typical photo of a shiner and the other is the marker on the truss with 5-6-7" spacings noted. I think he wants a photo of the roofing from the top showing a roof deck and nail heads spaced 6" and 12" field?

In that case, your underwriter needs more training.:roll:

That is the conclusion I came to, hope it is just him and not a new company policy. It was Universal if anyone is interested in knowing.

I think this is from 2010:

The State of Forida laws and the Officie of Insurnace Regulation rules state that; if a homeowner gets a wind mitigation inspection form, completed by a qualified individual, the insurance company is to provide a discount for each satisfactory mitigation feature that is listed on the form for the wind portion of an insurance policy. (there are nine features listed on the inspection form…) Pictures are required to verify the infomation that is listed on the form…

The level of discount is based on each individual catagory of mitigation feature and their percentage varies with each feature.
Example: A perfect form with all features listed would provide 100% of the discount that is available to the policy holder… However, the most important feature, opening protection (shutters) is only valued at 15%, where the difference between a “hip” roof and a “gable” roof only makes up 7% of the discount…

Now, Universal is currently denying the entire Wind Mitigation discount if their underwriter determines the photographs are not clear enough if they “can’t tell” what feature the photograph represents. (IE: the tie down strap is not clearly visible.)

To make it more clear, State Law requires an insurance company to provide a discount on the wind portion of a homeowner’s policy for the features that are listed on the form, and, if there is one mitigation feature that is not in evidence, THAT feature does not receive its portion of the discount. But, the rest of the features on the form are still to be considered.

Universal Insurance is commiting a violation of State Law (and thus Insurance Fraud) by denying the entire Mitigation discount to it’s policy holders who have submitted a properly completed Wind Mitigation form that has been signed by a qualified inspector

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Well that explains it…I have several agents that won’t even attempt to write for Universal. Stay away if you can.:cool: