Condo Wind Mitigation Inspection

Hey guys,
I’m new to the industry and tomorrow I have a first floor condo wind mitigation on a two story high building. I’m almost sure I won’t have access to the roof. How should I put this on the report? Is it even worthy for the client?

I’d say NO!

Roy, the client’s expectation is to save $100/yr because he had accordion shutters installed last year (with permit). Is this realistic according to your experience?

I have no idea of their discounts.

Fred, remember we don’t give the credits to any clients. We complete the form with the best pics possible and the insurance company gives credits based on what we mark on the form. They review the pics just to make sure we aren’t waaaaay off base (I had an agent friend contact me asking what a clip was because the inspector marked wrap instead of clip when pics clearly showed clip). He told me they just transfer our marks over to the system and their system determines if the credit is given. Don’t get into the habit of mentioning anything about giving someone credits… it’s misleading and can lead to angry calls. Just complete the form and make sure your contract is clear about the inspection.


Thank you Robert for the wisdom, it makes total sense! I believe the insurance agent mentioned the discount figure to the client. I will keep my pie hole shut and will do my job :wink:

Where are you located bud?

Coral Springs

Good luck and don’t do Home Advisor!!!

So it will take 35 years of “credits” to pay for those shutters…

Worth it? Who knows. Depends on his insurance company. Too many unknown factors. Condos all you will really be able to do is document the doors and windows.
The condo will have a wind mit fit the buyer to use that has been completed on the building.