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As A MEMBER of InterNachi NACHI10091202 and asking my first question…Hello and Helpppppp… How do you do a DoA???..I have a wind mitigation inspection to do for a new home owner…According to the property card the Roof was replaced Oct 2001 and after He spoke with his insurance company they said he would need a NoA since it was before March 2002…Also No attic access to see Sheathing, Trusses, Roof to wall Attachment…Please Any Assistance or Suggestions…THANX Chuck :slight_smile:

Call Meeker…

Michael J. Meeker, G.C. & Home Inspector-299 NACHI09120815 Meeker Industries, Inc. Dania Beach, FL (954) 922-0584 E-Mail | Web

If it has no attic access, then the homeowner won’t get any credits on the form. Their best bet would be to cut one in a closet, frame it, and trim it out. For NOA for a pre 02 FBC roof, I always get the supply yard delivery slip or something stamped from the building dept as to what specific product was used/delivered (you may even get a Dade NOA). You will then need to go to the SFBC Miami Dade website to get the NOA. You can’t use the 02 Florida Building Dept NOA for a pre 02 FBC product as they may have changed it to meet engineering specs. Dade site is here:
If they used a shingle product that is not in SFBC site, it will be hard for them to get any credits unless they’re totally shuttered or a 90.1% or greater hip roof perimeter. Any questions, call me tomorrow, or call Meeker if he volunteers his time. Good luck

Welcome Chuck

If I can assist you in any way feel free to call me also. I am a former Key West and lower keys resident for 24 years. I still have a home and a lot of friends down there.

Check with the Key West building department to get the info you need.

There should be a sheet with the noa on it.

This is what you are looking for: Key West City, Fl. Hotels in Key West

THANK YOU… THANK YOU… THANK YOU… I appreciate Everyone for their guidance and I am sure I will be making a call or two…Thank YOU again:D

If the property is located east of Cow Key bridge call Mary Tucker at 305-289-2501
at the Monroe County Building Dept Marathon. Very good person to know. Not all Key West properties are under city control.

Thanks I will keep that #…property is in old town

Some are under Monroe county and in that case you’ll need this link…