Wind Mitt Question

I just completed a home inspection on a wood frame house built in 2004 in Central Florida. The roof is a hip roof with a metal covering. The under side of the roof ( attic) has been sprayed with foam insulation. How does one do a Wind inspection on this home if you cant see anything in the attic?

You have to ask the client to move what you need to see, mark No access or sometimes including copies of plans will help.

A 2004 house will have those attic credits built into the FBC credit - Q1. Mark “Unknown” for RTW and RDA, since you do actually have attic access.

Client will be screwed almost definitely. I have yet to see any of my useful educated notes or plans help one bit. It seems to me any chance an insurance company has not to give discounts they will choose not to. They will then say it is because the inspector did not mark what was nessary to get the discount. Even when the inspector states that the house has to have certain features based on the code at the time of construction. They will then blame the inspector for not getting photos that are NOT possible to get. Like shiners that should not exist. The insurance guys will never give what cannot be seen even if it is obvious that it should be there by code or plans. They are mostly scum.

The client will not be screwed as long as Q1 qualifies for FBC. The application date of the original building permit must be verified and submitted as 03/01/2002 or after. The attic credits don’t matter for this one.

Client will be fine, when answering Q1 yes, it nulls out the Roof replacment, RTD, and RTW and grants a large credit (I feel like a broken record repeating this).

Not broken just scratched. skipping just a bit