November 5th I am coming out of...

the closet if obama wins. I am really half Black and I want…:mrgreen:

It amazes me how childish you can get on this board.

i ain’t racist, i like Whitney too!

Kenny Lott goes to Washington :mrgreen:

I have never given you a red , but now you sound like a racist Kracker.

I am beginning to think you Midwestern Boys are made out of White Chocolate, obama, and all of his associates make racist remarks and you don’t say a word, but everytime someone says something about your Messiah, you flip your wigs. You all call me White Trash, Redneck, Cracker, Racist, Hillbillie, and other choice names, now don’t you think that is racist? Sheesh… can’t even have a little fun.

Don’t worry about it Ken, one of these day’s they’ll get over themselves

Not all of us from the broken down state of Illinois Ken! :p;-) I knew you were kidding but don’t you know the party formerly known as Liberals gets defensive if you disagree with them. Its been so much worse since they have went Socialist!:D;-)

That statement was like a past due gas bill notice, if it does not apply to you, disregard it.