Cent' anni, Jimmy Carter!

I hope this stronzo lives to be 130.

Obama disagrees with Jimmy Carter on race issue

Subtitle: That balloon did not work, so throw Jimmy under the bus.

I believe his comments says more about Jimmy Carter than anything. I think Jimmy is probably deep in his ignoramus soul more racists than he would like to believe and is projecting his own shortcomings onto people he has never met or spoken to. Just when you think Carter couldn’t possibly say something more stupid than the last time he outdoes himself. President Obama should stay as far away from Carter as he can. His own track record was a complete disaster and a dismal failure. Builds a great house though (thought I would throw that in as a Home Inspector).

Correct Doug. Me thinks Jimmy doth protest too much.

I think what might be among the targets of Mr. Carter’s remarks are mental midgets, like those who smell up this place, who will refer to the President of the United States as “Buckwheat” while pretending to be focused upon his policies. These guys fool no one. Even a poor, dumb ol’ peanut farmer from Georgia can pick them out in a crowd.


The White House does not agree that people’s disagreement
with Obama is because of race. You and Jimmy might take
up farming together.


Very good post.

Jimmy Carter isn’t poor.

And they’re the “over-whelming portion”???

Jimmy Carter calls Obama “this black boy”…!


Why ever for…

I think the old proverb applies…

“When thine foe is making a fool of himself, do not stop him”

Carter is a certifiable moron. Everyone with a functioning brain understands that which, of course, he does not.

Obama yearns for nothing more than the death of Jimmy Carter. He is an albatross on Obama because every time he opens his mouth sensible people regarding Obama in the White House are having déja vu all over again. Obama is the Second Coming of Jimmy Carter. Even Obama knows this. So does his inner circle. So Carter has to be ignored if you are Obama or an Obama acolyte.

For opponents of Obama’s Communist agenda and the disaster that his presidency portends for America and the free world, Carter is the gift that keeps on giving. Long may he live.

Carter sure did piss off a lot of Dumbass Crackers…

Well, he is one himself.

It works.

It’s why we encourage you to listen to the voices in your head and do what they say.

Now that is funny stuff right there. :mrgreen:



[FONT=Arial][size=2]This is why I do not like to engage others here on Non Home Inspector related issues. I would rather keep rowing down the Egyptian River (D-Nile) than have it proved to in no uncertain terms me that my Brother/Sister Home Inspector is an active Member of the Lunatic Fringe. :frowning: On both sides of the Political spectrum. [/size][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][size=2]The Village here needs to stop responding to the Village IDIOTS among us and get back to Home Inspection stuff.


The voices are telling me… LOL.

Isn’t that like Notre Dame hoping USC has a really bad team one year?

To be the best, y’gotta play the best.

If I were in politics, which I will never be, I would rather win being right than my opponent lose because he was wrong.