Now accepting Best Defect Pictures for August

Marcel, I enjoy this thread. Thanks for all your hard work. :smiley:

And thanks to everyone who posts a picture.

Thanks Pete, and it is just a little way of trying to keep the inspection team together and keep the participation.
Only the Members can make that happen.

Your thread on Septic Systems is informative also and a lot learn from it. :slight_smile:

I came across this today, what were they thinking

Short people home? :wink:

Creative plumbing. Found the stack in the attic and the tub drain running uphill twice with the stack in between!! Gotta love harry home owner.:shock::mrgreen:

Pope 078.jpg

Pope 078.jpg

Pope 062.jpg

Pope 078.jpg

Found this the other day.
Apparently condenser theft is a problem in this area. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was too short to get the ladder down. I had to get a ladder, to get to the ladder. I occasionally need my ladder to get the top screws on service panels
Holding up the tub
Long day

Juan, those pictures are of 3 different diffects, which one do you want me to use? Only one can be in the poll.
Narrate the problem too with the one you choose.

Good pics.


Marcel… I think he is implying that the defect is his height!

See below… OBama is 6’1" tall !!! :shock::shock::mrgreen:

Juan… nice work on your website! It is a major improvement from a few months ago!!!

That first step is a killer. At least the doors were locked.

Sorry Marcel, I didn’t really know the rules. I was kinda just putting them up to make people laugh. Especially with the first one because as Jeff reiterated, I am very short.

Thanks Jeff, I have been putting a lot of work into it!

Drove past this the other day and had to stop. People do the dumbest things.

This is the "New & Improved and Safer Than Ever Before!" FPE Spice Rack Edition

For those of you who are just dead set against that factory cover clashing with you interior decorating skills.

Unfortunately the other items in the kitchen are Not Safe For The Workplace and so I have not included the frontside view of the spice rack.

I found this during a Homeowners Insurance New Policy Inspection.

Somebody needs better glasses!

Two distribution panels added by either the tenant or the landlord (tenant says installed by landlord, but no idea for what)

Legend is scribbled on wall and panel covers. The spaces provided on the labels are of course blank. Also outer jacket of wiring has many cuts and abrasions.

Found this during a Landlords Policy Renewal Inspection.

Improper Installation of Water Heater.

Landlord self installed.

Found during Landlords Insurance New Policy Inspection.

Rayden, I will be running a Poll for Best Defect Picture for August soon and can only run one defect per Member for the Month.

Which one do you wish me to post in the Poll?

Thanks for your contributions and participation to this Award. :):smiley:

The FPE Spice Rack.

Should I remove the other two? I misunderstood and thought we were sharing some of the wacky defects we have found.

                        The FPE Spice Rack. 

Should I remove the other two? I misunderstood and thought we were sharing some of the wacky defects we have found.

No, I’ll just run the one you want.
Thanks. :slight_smile: