Now accepting Nominations for Best Defect Picture for October

Some had posted good ones in the other threads, post them here.


lamp, made into an extension cord, energizing garage door opener. :mrgreen:


Thanks Mike, that is a good one. :slight_smile:

First pic, So why is the black plastic pipe coming out of the house and dumping into the storm drain?

Second pic, oooohhh

At least they tie wrapped the wires.

A picture of the panel was added for your viewing pleasure.

I will see your electric shck hazard and raise you a CO poisoning. :smiley:
gas water heater venting into the bathroom floor. A hvac vent for this same bathroom was also disconnected so it had easy access.

Sean wins!

Honey, I like the open ceiling looks so lets cut those wood members.

But the roof is now sagging, so let add some reinforcement…

Let’s try to get at least 10 to run a poll tomorrow.:slight_smile:

An old indoor cistern was converted into a storage room when potable water was introduced to this area and a door was cut out of the cistern wall. This is fairly common in my area. What isn’t normal was a piece of a farm implement cutting tool inside the concrete used as rebar. It was never removed and is now posing a safety concern for anyone in this area.

Yes sir, part of a sicle bar mower.

Surprised to see actual rebar, back then working for famers, they made you use digger chain links that were used and no longer needed. You just hooked them all together end to end.


10 Defect pictures for a poll would be good. :slight_smile:

I guess most home Inspectors are not finding many serious concerns .
Or they are not wanting to show others what they find?

BS - It has nothing to do with either one of those scenarios.

People are just simply loosing interest.

Many of us have seen this movie many times before.

IMO this movie has run it’s course, & thanks to Marcel, it was a great run.

So because you do not need to see what others find ,
We should deprive all the newbies from getting a chance to learn .
Sort of a sad way to see things.
Not every one is a ten year member like you.


When did I ever make this about me?

Did I not participate by posting a defect?

Did you?

If I’m not mistaken, Marcel has already announced the end of this particular interactive activity anyways.

Yes, in January when all has played its course and the winners have been announced.
So in all fairness to all that have participated this year, let the award continue the best it can.
Negativety is in abundance enough on this board without adding more fuel to it.

The winners of Best Defect and Best Narrative is a learning tool and the winners at the end of the year will win a free years Membership and a case of books as last year.
Sorry to hear you feel that way and we are open to any suggestions on other activities that would be of interest to you and new candidates that have joined this organization.

I grew up on the farm and this particular cutting bar is used here in bean and pea cutters. I was really surprised to see it in the concrete.

Gas fireplace direct vent from a new home construction. Vent was less than 2’ from sliding glass entry door and in direct contact with wood guardrail.

That’s a Hot pic John…:wink: