Now accepting Best Defect Pictures for August

Submit your best Defect Pictures here for August. :slight_smile:

Venting extraordinaire…

Crawlspace framing… can you spot the defect? :smiley:

Improper use of a bottle jack.

Truhn 053 (Small).JPG

Thanks guys, good ones. :slight_smile:

Tim, I see a number of defects there, but are they supporting the weight of the floor on the drain pipe?

Might be the reason it has a fernco Coupling at the 90 Degree bend. :slight_smile:

Yep, it sure was :smiley: I was lucky enough to be under (but not too close) when the buyer walked across this area… the entire floor sagged and you could see the coupling flex as well.

Creative Framing 101…

Home less than 10 years old.
Office addition added off the Master Bedroom within the Attic above Garage…
Problem was the Garage Attic was originally truss framed.
Gusset plates were cut with a sawzall leaving 2x4’s for roof framing…
Only a few small areas visible with regard to framing…

This was not original to construction but… the Homeowner had actually paid a Contractor for this installation…

Estimated cost of repair projected at $35,000 to $55,000 plus…

Good on Joe. :slight_smile:

Someone used nails and screws at a repair of the exterior sheathing. These are screws and nails that went through the backside of the panel in the garage.

You just got my vote! Just call that second one a bonding screw. :wink:

I’m both horrified and thrilled at the same time! :slight_smile:

Just give it to Troy, nobody’s going to beat that.

Nice find Troy!!!

That is a good find on Troy’s part, but lets see what else shows up in the next week or so.

It is nice to just let everyone submitt at least one good pic for the month. :slight_smile:

Not as good as Troy’s but found this on a builders warranty inspection yesterday. This was for the water heater and the client stated when they adjusted the temperature of the water heater, it tripped this breaker. I think we now know why. The client had already paid to have a licensed electrician to come out and look at the panel and he told them everything was ok, collected his $60 for the service call and left. It’s unbelievable someone could go home and go to sleep at night, much less collect a fee knowing this is a disaster just waiting to happen. I turned this breaker off and recommended them to contact a qualified licensed electrician immediately to repair. This home was built in November of 2011 and with all the deficiencies found, it confirmed why buyers of new homes should get an inspection.

Whoa! That must have gotten pinched in the clamp. DIYers don’t know to stop tightening once the wire is secure, they just keep cranking it down. :slight_smile:

Man I love these posts each month!

I find this wrong…
maybe others do not…
Dryer Vent Piping routed thru return HVAC Return Wall Cavities and Return Ducts…

People are crazy! This is so stupid it’s funny. At the end of the inspection the seller shows up acting like a used car salesman LMAO telling me and my client how great everything in the house was. Struck a nerve when he was bragging on the electric. I pulled out the camera and told him check this out. LOL “This is your electrical panel”

If you can’t see it in the photo the main service line has a nail torqued down to it. Not only was there 2 breakers double tapped this one pictured had two different sizes 12 gauge and 14 gauge wires. The other breaker was tapped with aluminum wire and copper wiring. Complete mess!

Troy, I once worked for a Do-It-All company where the drywallers and shelving installers were instructed that if the panel was in the way of their installations it was perfectly acceptable to use the back of the panel as backing. They were just told to measure very carefully and hit only the bare spots. LOL. Your pictures bring back memories.

Nice pictures Guys. Keep it up. One good defect per person and they are adding up. :slight_smile: