Obama Slams Down Podium During Press Conference

Obama Slams Down Podium During Press Conference](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5CfoAYBU5M)

He had to be left alone for over an hour to get over his anger.

I think Obama is loosing it.

Obama Looses it](http://olddogg.com/comedy/obama-kicks-door-open-video-1/)

John you do like comedy .lol

Yeah i think i seen that on CNN last night. :mrgreen:

People will believe ANYTHING they see !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

lol I wondering if a posted Sarah Look a like vid would be worthy to post .

Who said they believed it was real?

Home inspectors are smarter than that.:shock:

Well most of them anyway. :wink:

John thinks it is real.

**NEWS FLASH! Democrats turning away from Obama in large numbers!

**QUESTION: Since they disagree with Obama now, is that proof Democrats are racists! :sarcasm:

Bob thinks John thinks it’s real. :roll:

Sorry .
John is the most creative and humorous mind of our present day that we have here in AmeriKa.