Now I have seen everything..

Builder either cut holes for passive roof vents and forgot to install the vents or just said screw it, let’s cut holes in the roof and mesh the suckers. :shock: Needless to say the second floor ceiling was mess and will have to completely gutted out and replaced. Two year old upscale townhome a complete mess.


Someone needs their ***** handed to them on that roofing crew…:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Looks like it wasn’t properly flashed. Other than that it looks like that new roof vent system may work out OK. Has it been patented???:):slight_smile:

That is amazing! Hmmm Don’t they make vents for that??? lol.

Someone should go to jail!!!

What would cause ice daming below a void in the deck but no where else?

Why would anyone try to vent a roof that low anyway? Even if they forgot to install the vent cap, don’t they realize that heat rises and should be vented higher on the roof line?

I will not mention their name, but the builder is known nationwide as a real gem. They left 20 units this way…

I see that technique all the time.
This is part of the green building movement and is meant to have a bucket with a vinyl tube hooked up to the water supply system.

Did you check the bucket for leaks?

Could have been a vent hole for a bath fan? 2nd floor so it probably wouldn’t be a kitchen fan. :shock:

Bob, the only tube that was hooked up was the one attached to the keg on my back during the inspection. :margarit: :lol:

I think the roofing crew hit that keg for a looooooooonnnnnnnggggg
time before you strapped it on.:smiley:


I say sabotage, with a flair (spit), has to be, what else could it be?..way to low for an attic vent----:lol:----:lol:

Maybe they meant to pick up vent flashings to slip in later? Then got paid and forgot? I can’t believe nobody noticed this before. :roll:

John Kogel

Is it at all possible that there was a vent but not nailed in and it slipped out from under shingles?

ah, nope nevermind… this isnt an accident

i just cant fathom this kind of jackassery.

My thoughts as well. That is a lot of condensation freezing to the roof to be passive.

I went back this morning. You know, that gut feeling that tells you to take another look or your in trouble. I took the screen off one opening to find an aluminum channel. Low and behold, they’re both drainage channels for the deck above. Yesterday while on the deck I couldn’t determine how water was draining. This is the craziest thing to date and explains the water stains on a bedroom ceiling below the water slides. :shock:



Most big problems I find are in newer homes. The old ones are fine. :shock:

That tile also looks short.(no overhang)
Talk about ugly.