Now I have seen everything..

So they wanted to drain the flat part of the roof, through the interior, through the screen, into the gutter?

Yes. I forgot to mention that two neighbors asked me if I was there to fix their roof too.

Erol, I have never come across a drainage system like that, huh (spit)–::)))

Learn something everyday----:wink:

I thought it might be a new way to install a pet door, for the Cat! :wink:

Erol. Bet you $10 that this monstosity was in the Architect’s drawings :wink:

Buyer is willing to pay for a better method of deck drainage. Not seeing this before, I don’t what type of professional to recommend. Help here appreciated.

Call me, Erol. I have a guy or two.

Just remove the screen, apply a piece of 1’x2’ plywood standing up behind the opening, find a tennis ball, and enjoy hours of fun. :wink: We call that basketball round here.