So who would write this gem up

Roofer went out after i was there and said the Skylight was fine . I Love the caulking . Do you suppose the roofer that inspected it was the one the did the job? Leave you comments please . BTW i said it was wrong


Yep what could go wrong with that? Caulk, duct tape, tie wire can fix everything. :mrgreen:

LOL He also said the 3x3 indentation and soft spot was normal too ( double wide mansion .)

I always said to my Clients ,
"I like sky lights but it is not a case of will they leak but when will the leak " .
This always got the message to them they need constant monitoring .

What is wrong with it…Will and/or does it leak?

Well it had leak before the case of the caulking , It may be fine in the swamp land but we like to see flashing lolol Just call us picky .

Deal Killer, no need to even mention this in the report unless you are pointing out what a great feature it is. :cool:

Shame on me Brian i will try to do better .