Nshi ?

I never heard of this association.

I typed in an NC zip code near here and 6 inspectors showed up but none have an NC license that I could find.


I’ve heard of them, I new one of my competitors belonged.

They must not enforce membership too much. In my area2 of these members IL. Lic. expired in 2008, one shows no record of ever having a Lic.

NSHI requires a minimum of** 90 hours** of accredited home inspector education*** or** a minimum of **25 paid inspections **before an individual may apply for membership. ???

If you enter the zip code for their office 19958, in their site inspector search you will see only one inspector with that exact zipcode. Then you google his name and add home inspector, no inspection site shows up.

Aren’t they the ones that sued Nick for the name thing?

Sued Nick.

That was NAHI.