Nuetral wire

I’ve never seen a neutral wire look like this. How should i wright it up and what potential problem could it pose. Thanks in advance.

Care to be more specific? I see a lotta neutrals in there. Which one? You can add arrows to your pics on that Apple, can’t you?

The main neutral coming in to the panel. It looks to be in disarray.

Older SER cables had the ground conductor braided around the other jacketed conductors. There is nothing wrong with it that I can see from this picture, except that it is taped messy.

As long as the connection into the neutral lug is good it’s fine. As mentioned messy with the tape but still OK.

Thank you guys!

As other beat me to it, that is ok. SEU cable has a concentric neutral that is twisted together and terminated to the neutral bar. Some electricians choose to wrap it in tape, which is ok.

Is this at the main panel/service disconnect?