Type Of Wiring/ Sheathing?

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I am wondering if anyone may be able to tell me the correct type of wiring this is, used for the main conductors. It is not quite cloth and not quite rubber sheathing.
I also understand that there are many things wrong with this sub-panel.
Thanks everyone, in advance.

Looks like SE cable.

Where are all the grounded conductors?

Warren - not trying to bust your chops but what do you think is wrong with the panel?

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Sorry guys. It’s not a sub-panel. I was in a hurry and mistyped. The grounding conductors are tucked in behind the visible neutrals. Also, there is a stranded aluminum cable coming in at the top of the bus bar.
The wires running down the right side of the bus bar, appear to be just taped together. One comes from the top of the panel and the other comes out of the bottom of the panel. The bottom right breaker’s wire is loose in the breaker. There are multiple breakers with alot of play in them. The panel and breakers are Fed. Pac./ Stab-Lok. There are also wires running out of the top of the panel and to a water heater timer, without a bushing, which has caused the sheathing to be damaged/ cut.

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At what point as a home inspector would we report that the electric panel has issues and needs attention by a licensed electrician. Or should we point out every issue we see?

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I did, but how do you tell which post it is without counting down?

I was asking myself the same question before I saw you post.
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Yup, I started with post #1 and counted down from there.

Are doing a code inspection or a home inspection? What do you define as an issue?

Don’t worry - this question is soon to be put to rest. Until then please don’t cite code.

if I report on everything I see as improper within the electric panel and then recommend a qualified electrical personnel for repairs things could easily go bad because the clients qualified electrician could see things differently then me. The electrician could say I over reacted or point out other things he thinks is improper, which either way makes me look bad. So my question is if I see at least one issue right at that point should I just put all responsibility of the panel on an electrician in my report. Maybe like this: (The distribution panel needs attention and looked over by a qualified electrical personnel). Keep in mind this post is me just thinking not stating.

I am not trying to site code, just report on what I feel needs repaired. I seen this the other and was told a licensed electrician installed panel about 5 years ago.

There are some licensed electricians who are hacks which is evident in the installation in your photo. Work like that can be called out without citing code.

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Obsolete panel - just start with that. Add a link to one of the federal pacific panel catastrophe sites. Still see those now and then. I know damned well they weren’t installed 5 years ago!

as Robert said, lot of people with licenses are hacks. Not only electricians. Also do not take as gospel anything the property seller tells you. Remember that they are trying to sell the home!
Good Luck!

That installation was wrong.


Electricians are NOT allowed to inspect an electrical panel in Ohio. They can fix the problem and they (technically the owner is responsible) are required by law to obtain approvals before starting any work (emergency excepted) then have that work inspected.

If you have found a problem and anyone says that you are wrong let me know and I will make sure that Rob Johnson from the BBS gives them a call.

Even once SB 176 becomes law even the NEW Licensed Residential Electrical Contractors will not be able to inspect an electrical panel.

Please shut up about this!
You made your point on this a while back.

I agree. Those wires are damaged. At the last OHIB meeting I was trying to explain to the board how to keep from citing code and still do the job but I was cut off by legal council because he thought that I was trying to change the SOP when all I wanted was them to issue an opinion on how to look inside legally.