NY Times article on New NY home inspection license.


I am glad to see that this article is telling people there are only 331 License Inspectors in NYS. HMMM my area must have a overkill we have 7 of the 331 here in Elmira to help serve NYS.


There are about 20 of us here in Rochester, NY Monroe county.

37 in Nassau County Long Island.

That 331 number is only how many licenses the state has issued as of Jan 6th. The total is not yet complete since they are still in process of issueing licenses.

Dan Osborn

The number of names listed on the website is not representative of the number of those who have been approved, and have received letters of authorization. There is a lag between approval and posting. I received my authorization prior to year end 2005, yet my name is still not onthe website. I am licensed, nevertheless.