O.a.h.i. ???

Two of the strongest OAHI supporters for years,
both served on the Executive constantly .
They are no longer listed on the OAHI web site

Kirk Iredale

Alrek Meipoom,

Oahi has also implemented another special assessment when members renewed on July 1st.

Rumour has it they are being sued by a former employee for wrongful dismissal.

There are several members using the OAHI logo and RHI that are not listed on the membership list. Oahi is not financially in a position to protect its (RHI) given their finances. The OAHI is technically not able to defend the PR 158 and Act Representing the Ontario Assoc. of Home Inspectors.

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So OAHI is on the way out?

I wish you guys the best In Ontario.
Roy, Mr. Bowman, thanks for the info.

Kevin get to work with brother Len. Kiss and for God sake make up.
No slipping the tongue.
Gees Louise why I even say that. :twisted:

If Oahi is not financially in a position to protect its (RHI) given their finances. and OAHI is technically not able to defend the PR 158 and Act Representing the Ontario Assoc. of Home Inspectors. Can this compromise the RHI.

Question Mr. Bowman or Roy, who owns the rights to the RHI. OAHI?

The Act gives the rights to use for RHI to OAHI.

Last time someone misused the RHI, OAHI was not prepared to do anything until the discipline chair laid a private complaint before a JP, only then did OAHI become involved, otherwise nothing was going to be done.

Its the same today. No interest, no money, no will.

There was also another big shake up with the apparent removal of the Treasurer, who is no longer listed on the site.

No one i in OAHI has ever rec’d the financial reports from CAHPI even though OAHI members pay part of their OAHI dues to CAHPI. CAHPI has provided all financial documents to OAHI for member dispersal but OAHI has never informed or released that data to the members. That is a huge financial irregularity given there has been no disclosure. Members who dare ask are never given any answers.

They will all progress towards InterNachi and we will welcome them with open arms.
Tick reports will become a thing of the past and according to Joseph Ferry and I are better than Boxers.

No one owns the Rights to RHI .
OAHI owns the rights to Registered Home Inspector .

I think not.
Just depends on what the members do on supporting the finances .
I expect they will get the support needed .

This says it all about CAPHI or OAHI.

I don’t think so KEVIN. It does say something about that particular inspector on that particular inspection only.

You can’t paint everyone with the same brush.

And I am not a fan of CHAPI or OAHI


I concur Douglas.

I can not see the funds needed not being injected into the old association.
What will transpire I suspect is a “new broom sweeping clean.” By the sounds of it this was a long time coming as Roy has been saying all along.
It is one of the very reasons Roy and has son left OAHI. Poor physical management and conflicts of interests.

Sp hypothetically speaking, IF OAHI desbanded, what would become of the RHI?

What it says in my mind is they are not trained as well as they think they are. You can’t match the training of InterNachi and I can say that with confidence after Teaching the 10 segments of Carson Dunlop in Sault College
Since this same man no doubt has done many many Inspections.
What is the conclusion for him missing as much as he did?
She clearly says the things she found were not in the report. They were not hidden either.

Looks like RHI is not registered .

I do think you can register names but not letters .
Google has many companies and associations who use letters .
See below


OAHI had a meeting in June


Home Inspector Qualifications Introductory Stakeholder Meeting

Lets all remember the conflicts of interest that can play havoc with a new or even 3 year old home inspector not making a carrier out of what he/she thought would be a grand new business enterprise.
I am at times verbally demonized for calling out things like that. They can or have caused some very expensive structural issues within the home.
so by saying they are not as trained as they should be maybe right but other training was left out all together. how to be without conflicts of interest. AND that goes for both sides! Homies and agents!

Big time buddy. Thanks greatly!

The flow chart on page 6 indicates CanNachi uses ASHI standards. Yet the CanNachi site makes no mention of using ASHI SOP.

A mistake?