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9/29/2011 9:35:55 AM
A Veteran’s Suspension](http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=525)
Wayne Christopher

Well I see OAHI in true fashion is exercising censorship. It seems our friend Bill Mullen has been suspended from the Cafe’ for 90 days for posting information about licensing in Alberta and the NHICC’s being approved as a participant in that process, as they are in BC. Being one of the board members during the development and acceptance of the Policies and Procedures manual, articles cited in the letter to Bill why he was being suspended nowhere come close supporting their reasons for the suspension. Nowhere in the Cafe’ posting does/did Bill promote or advertise a product or service.

They also took his name off the “Inspector Search” page. Now thats dirty. Hmmmmm different people same tricks.

9/29/2011 6:39:04 PM
**A Veteran’s Suspension
**Harry Janssen

Wayne,you might as well talk to the wall,same result. No one is listening when members or old timers ask questions,they are so self absorbed with there own importance and roles,mere mortals like you and me and members do not count,every time Iredale posts ,he proves this fact.
May I make a suggestion,you ,me, Bob Johnston, Bill Mullen and other like minded people no longer post or comment,since the board has every thing under control. As you indicated enrollment is down,so lets let them self destruct,I will not affect us old timers any way and at the end of the day,when did any one ask any one of us,what does OAHI stand for or what does it mean,sad but true.](“http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=525")](“http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=525”)](“http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=525”)]("http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=525”)

Discrimination alive and well within OAHI.

No right to a hearing, no right to appeal. Sound familiar? OAHI members do not have any rights, and anybody who has the balls to speak up is admonished, suspended, name taken off the search function without due process or cause!

A new board has not changed the mentality. The clique which runs OAHI continues to run it.

The new directors continue to ask for volunteers to no avail. They are party to the discrimination and malice in their attempts to silence those they perceive as threats.

No financial accountability.

No advertising, a substantial drop in membership, profits from courses (at inflated prices) not being put back into membership benefits. A select few profiting by teaching courses while others who are qualified are ignored. Quite a bunch of fine professional inspectors, wouldn’t you say?

I guess those who did renew did so in order to protect their business interests, you know; providing reporting software, report books, running inspector mills, acting as directors of competing associations … ah yes the hypocrites are a timid bunch.

Too bad, and this association likes to think of itself as the voice of the inspection profession, and wants to bend the ear of the government should licencing come about.

Having been once one of the founding members of that club - it is a miracle that the OAHI has not bitten the dust by now. However, it seems that there are still enough gullible dreamers around who believe that the “RHI Designation” will give them an advantage in the marketplace. It is a waste of time to educate these nincompoops that this is not, nor will it ever be the case.

It is only a matter of months before many home inspectors will have to look for another job to feed their wives and kids anyway. It is now being forecasted that the real estate boom in Canada is finally over, and that home sales will shrink dramatically from coast to coast in the near future.

It comes as no surprise that Bill Mullen - known to be the elephant in the china shop - has been suspended from posting his more often than not self-serving or biassed views on the OAHI Message Board. This opinionated guy will never learn to think first before opening his big mouth.

Rudolf,Bill may be arrogant and brash,but no one has done more in Canada,then Bill to promote home inspectors and associations,of course he is not always right,as none of us are.
He does not deserve the treatment he is getting,of course most of you would not know that as most have never put in the time and effort he has.
When you do put in the time and effort,he has,I will certainlly give you credit as well.


You have a short memory. I and you and many others have put much time and effort into OAHI. Its not only Bill. Others have been treated in the same manner. Including Rudolf.

I have never ever seen you stand up for anyone, but you sure know how to hide and throw rocks.

When are you going to get the guts to come out and stop being the hypocrite you continue to show yourself to be?

You have repeatedly come here and told us that we were complainers, yet here is the proof to show just how much you complain behind the closed doors or OAHI.

And… just perhaps Bill is getting in return what he was good at dishing out.

Get a life and find a voice!

10/2/2011 7:48:13 PM ](http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=525)
A Veteran’s Suspension](http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=525)
Harry Janssen

Jeff,you are correct,they do not realize other groups exist,go figure?

10/3/2011 9:59:09 PM
A Veteran’s Suspension](http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=525)
Harry Janssen

Wayne,you might as well talk to the wall,same result. No one is listening when members or old timers ask questions,they are so self absorbed with there own importance and roles,mere mortals like you and me and members do not count,every time Iredale posts ,he proves this fact.
May I make a suggestion,you ,me, Bob Johnston, Bill Mullen and other like minded people no longer post or comment,since the board has every thing under control. As you indicated enrollment is down,so lets let them self destruct,I will not affect us old timers any way and at the end of the day,when did any one ask any one of us,what does OAHI stand for or what does it mean,sad but true.

Welcome Back Harry Glad to see you, now how about helping our industry and share some of your knowledge to help all inspectors .
We at NACHI love to see information that helps all.
OAHI is doing nothing for the Canadian Homies and NACHI seems to be where many great Homies come to learn what is happening.

Nothing really happening, Roy. And OAHI is not the milestone for other inspectors. Being 10 years in this business I never had nor will I be doing anything with them.

It is so sad that we Canadian Homies are so split up with only NACHI allowing open comunications .
A few who want to control our industry seem to refuse to trade ideas thoughts and comunication .
All the best… Roy

Raymond,I will say this one more time,when you put in the time and effort,Bill Mullen has,than feel free to complain,un till you can claim the same,I really do not care what you think.
You and your side kick are whiners and complainers,when you match the amount of time he has spent promoting the profession,I would gladly like to hear your opinion,as for me hiding behind the OAHI,that is a fallicy,I have be vocal for a long time,and you even hack the site to prove this,so were I am hiding,
If you are so clever and have all the answers,why not start a new group,in which you could be in control,of course you do not have the balls to do that ,as that would mean you would have to do some thing ,other than complain.
Best wishes

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]So sad Harry is quick to run down Ray and Roy but Looking I can not find any where Harry has added to this industry in the last 10 years . [/size][/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Harry you have challenged me to provide what I have done and I posted just some of the things I did . Now how about you showing any thing you have added to help others in the last few years .[/size][/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Your continuing running down R&R and praising Bill Mullen show ZERO.
You have proven your word is useless and we have ignored your slamming NACHI and its members .
I See your posts on OAHI show you do not have the Balls to stand up to the OAHI CLICK .
You and Claude and Ron still pay your OAHI dues .
This to me shows you are only interested in MONEY so you can sell your classes and products.
So sad Harry You have much knowledge and you refuse to share and help the Newbie’s .
Carry on Harry I am sure you have a hard time getting to sleep some nights knowing how you Take from this industry and refuse to give any thing back.
To use one of your Buddies Bill M statements Please do not let the door hit you XXX on the way out . SHAME SHAME SHAME .
Harry you are just loaded with sour grapes …

I and NACHI will still welcome you with open arms Harry and just maybe some day you will post with out that chip on your shoulder … Roy
See what Harry said above on post 7


You and your cronies are enablers. By renewing you aid and abet the discriminatory practices of OAHI.

You seem to have a hang up with what someone has done for the good of the profession. Yet you ignore the glaring documented embellishments. that your friends have promoted over the years. Those embellishments have for the most part been exposed for what they are, lies.

Your double standards are alive and well you chose sides rather than for the overall good of the members in OAHI.

Its easy as you continually demonstrate to post your irrelevant comments to appease only yourself on a closed forum.

A real leader as you want to be or claim to be would stand up to be counted. Continually whining about how you are not going to say anything more, fold up your soap box, and lay low is not that of a true leader.

But anyway its members like you who perpetrate the continuance of corruptness, and the zealots who run OAHI for their own cash cow. But then again as I pointed out maybe your reluctance to stand up is based more on your business interests rather than the overall well being of OAHI and your friends interests in their business interests.

Your comments, and those of your colleagues you trust back up what I and others have said about OAHI for years, its morally and ethically bankrupt, insolvent financially, and operates with discrimination, bullying, arbitrary decisions based on malice.

Rather then trying to put people down by suggesting they have not done as much for the industry as Bill or YOU, is a put down, because others contributed in their own way in their own time.

Your time has come and gone and you are voiceless and just another teet for the clique to nourish their egos, wallets and dictates on the unwashed members of OAHI.

Oh and Harry please explain to me how the title RHI has value as Wayne Christopher pointed out when he tried to explain why he is still a member?

Thanks Harry, its always enlightening to dialogue with you.

Take care.

10/5/2011 10:32:10 PM ](http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=525)
A Veteran’s Suspension](http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=525)
Kirk Iredale

Nice story Bob.
I repeat ONLY voting members had a potential increase if they did not attend or send in their proxy.

Now if by chance a student/applicant was sent a renewal package with a $50.00 increase and they read their package or maybe all the emails you guys complained about getting, don’t you think if they are so hard up for money as you say they are that they would pick up the phone, call the office and say “hey I am just a student/applicant, how come I have a $50.00 increase?”

And if by some chance it is still true now, I hope you told them to call the office and get it straightened out right away instead of printing the crap you have here!

Kirk Iredale, RHI

As a director of OAHI surely Mr. Iredale would be aware that the office staff of OAHI are irresponsive to members inquiries! That is a well known fact of which he is well aware of. Why would any member take the time or effort to query the office knowing full well of the attitude of the office staff and the Registrar towards the membership.

I believe the other members of OAHI knowing Mr. Iredales attitude and part of the clique running OAHI that non voting members were taxed. Its just another attempt for OAHI to pump the members for more money in order to keep the lights on.

Oh and by the way, OAHI has no right to remove any members name from the search function particularly in light of the fact the member suspended had no right to a hearing, nor an appeal, and was based solely on punishment due to malice.

You did a very good job of explaining that Raymond and we at Nachi certainly do appreciate your dedication to get the story straight about OAHI and the problems they have caused. This does not go unnoticed by the veterans trying to struggle on the HI recognition board.:smiley:

I am Sorry to hear Bill was suspended from OAHI

Harry Bill never said he was sorry for costing many inspectors a lot of money at Whistler.

WOW!** Mr. Mullen talks about the truth** ,
Bill you make me chuckle you of all people talking about the truth .
There are a lot of your posts that seem to say different .
Many false statements and I do not remember you ever saying that you made a mistake .
It looks to me like you need to do some damage repair in a hurry .

Sorry Bill your past has finally caught up to you again .
How about the time you got another persons pass word to take info from the NACHI site to post on your forum , ( It was Dave Bottoms I think ).
How about your free CMI where you stated you did not fill in the notarized affidavit…Roy

Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon

We are fortunate to have Raymond share his wisdom and Knowledge to help all Hommies … Roy

This post by one director of OAHI explains why OAHI is faultering.

Members cannot get answers from the directors, or office staff.
Members must be careful not to upset the Gods on the Board.
This director pleads for volunteers, yet when volunteers come forward they are belittled, their advice ignored, and told to volunteer.

Imagine Nachi members being told that they cannot seek answers from Nick on the forum!

And to complicate matters this one person holds to much power and the ego to go with those positions. He actually scares members from volunteering, but then again I guess when you are short and with an ego you can act like Napolean.

This same director along with his cronies and other directors sees nothing wrong with suspending members for speaking the truth and then without a hearing or any other discipline process, breaches all the known protocols this same person likes people to believe that they have rights.

This is the same director along with the rest who see nothing wrong with removing a members listing on the “Find an Inspector” because their rule is obsolete.

This subjective rule needs to be broken and exposed for what it is a morally and ethically bankrupt board of directors, along with the clique that tells the board how to react and act.

Discrimination is a daily practice by the board and certain other members of OAHI and one of these days its going to come back to haunt them with a lawsuit and bad press.

Mr. Iredale you are disgusting and the members should be raise up and call for your resignation along with the rest of the board who supports you and your crap!

*10/20/2011 9:02:52 PM ](http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=525)
A Veteran’s Suspension](http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=525)
Kirk Iredale

Patrick, you are right. I should never have stooped to their level.
Thank you for pointing it out to me.

And this forum is NOT the place to get the information you require. While most of the members in this thread have volunteered and contributed in a positive way in the past they no longer choose to contribute in a positive way now. And based on their rhetoric you can see that volunteering is something you do for yourself because I can guaranty you that you will not be thanked by them if you do volunteer.

My motto is: “don’t complain unless you have a solution”.
So if we are not living up to your standards we can always use another volunteer.

Kirk Iredale, RHI
Chair, Finance Committee
CAHPI National Rep.
Chair, 2013 CAHPI National Conference
Chair, CAHPI National Charity Committee
National Steering Committee
National P & P Committee
National SOP Committee *

Or stretch your imagination even further and imagine that OAHI members would one day get some membership benefits. LOL!

OAHI members… smarten up already, and walk into the light: www.nachi.org/benefits.htm