Good evening:

I looked in the mirror this morning and saw an old man. I don’t have time to waste waiting for OAHI to pull itself out of the cesspool.

I would like to circulate the following message this weekend. Let me know your thoughts.

Bill Mullen

OAHI /CAHPI Ontario has now closed the only communication vehicle available to its members. The OAHI Cafe has been shut down, supposedly due to technical problems.

I’m sure it had nothing to do with:

  • The various messages from a number of members asking for answers from the Board of Directors.
  • Some Board members being exposed for dipping into the trough a few times too often.
  • Some Board Members being exposed as controlling the rights to teach courses at the expense of other very experienced instructors.
  • Some Board members and their friends being exposed for using the new office renovation as a way to make money while turning aside offers by others to volunteer their time.
  • The government and other investigations now taking place regarding the association.
    In some countries, the first thing an evil dictatorship does is shut down the communication rights of its members. OAHI has now done this.

Let me be the first to officially declare OAHI dead. The forces of evil who have controlled the organization for years have now killed it.

We will have a new fair, democratic, forward thinking, inclusive association up and running before the end of July. This Ontario association will make it possible for all Ontario inspectors in the province to access the National Certification Program for the same fees as OAHI members. We already have over 100 inspectors ready to start fresh in an atmosphere of fairness. Nobody needs to leave OAHI or NACHI or any other group…in fact, for a while those memberships might be useful. However, we don’t want to burden people with more heavy fees, so our start-up membership will be very inexpensive. If you are interested, please contact me privately (no obligation or pressure) for more details at OAHPI@yahoo.ca .

More details will be coming out within days.

Bill Mullen

Bill writes:


2 small to medium sized inspection associations declared “dead” in one week.


…and students!!


If you are involved in OAHPI, I’m in!!!:cool: Please keep us informed!

Not really. The students get their education credits, but a small group in control cashes in bigtime teaching courses.

Bill Mullen


I guess I should have stated “and at the expense of the students”.


Congratulations, what took you so long to figure out that OAHI is crooked, an exlusive non inclusive club, run by special interests?

How does a self regulating body enacted by the Ontario Legislature become so corrupted that it can continually breach the bylaws it is beholden to administer by repeatedly refusing to provide members quarterly financial reports, signed a 5 year office lease agreement without any consultation with members, lie about the cost as $1700 per month when in fact it turns out to be $2400 per month? Impose fines without trial, demand of members requirements not substantiated by the bylaws?

This is only the tip of the iceberg!

In the interim and exclusively for OAHI/CAHPI members a temporary OAHI/CAFE discussion forum has been set up for members only. Once again OAHI has shown how far it will dictate to the members, by closing the CAFE Forum in order to stifle and members discussion about anything and everything that is a right to ask and discuss as members?

As a member of OAHI you recently learned that OAHI has pulled the discussion forum CAFE with no immediate replacement.
You are cordially invited as a member to register on a member sponsored OAHI/CAHPI CAFE.
You must register under your real name as you would have been required as a participant of the original CAFE.

Members need to have a discussion forum which permits them the opportunity to have access to fellow members so that inspectors can
obtain responses to their inspection questions which can aid greatly in getting the correct information from fellow inspectors.
Please feel free to invite fellow OAHI/CAHPI members to register. This is a closed forum for members only and is FREE!

The board is located at:

And you can sign in on the link above or go directly to the sign in page at:

You can contact the administrator at:

Congratulations! And thank you Bill Mullen!

Count us in Bill!!!

Thank you all:

I sent in my renewal cheque to OAHI for June 1/08, had second thoughts and issued a stop payment the following day. These post have vindicated my action. The Ontario Association has done nothing for me or for the industry and thank heavens the politicians had the forsight to include Clause 13 in PR158. I have derived much by being a member of NACHI and look forward to a continued association with an orgainization that promotes education rather than the personal interests of “the old boys crowd”!

Bryce Jeffrey

This site still calls me a non-member. Someone please help me!

Log out of the message board. Then log back in using your members-only username and password, case sensitive.

You can’t see 1/2 the message board as a non-member.

Logged out and used username and password. Did it work this time?


Look now.

Bill: give up - your getting to old for that!

It is sad to read that the OAHI has finally bit the dust only two decades after it has been founded by some motivated Toronto pioneers in the home inspection business. It seems that the idealism of the founding members has finally lost out against the conniving interest groups who have used the OAHI for years as vehicle for their own benefit and/or financial gain. Trying to create another Ontario organization is a waste of time and effort - and will not improve the image of the Home Inspection Industry in Ontario nor Canada.

It is time to recognize that we have collectively missed the boat decades ago. We simply have reached the point of no return.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - **TORONTO

Rudolf Reusse writes:

I disagree. I think a new association in Ontario is very possible (I guess it’s easy for me to say having already done it) and not a “waste of time or effort.” Go for it. I’ll help you Bill.

Bill I think you will find a lot of help, let us all know!!!:slight_smile:

Bill, if I might make a suggestion that will help any new Association to succeed. Avoid a certain two Canadian individuals!

And let me make a suggestion to you; not being savvy to the goings on up here and who is involved, perhaps you should refrain from commenting on the subject, less you look like the proverbial fool.

I don’t think anyone is served by your comments considering what the thead is about.


Are you referring to the two fools [Raymond Wand and Roy Cooke] that were recently expelled from NACHI?