Obi200 VOIP with Google voice..Cool!

I just hook this Obi200 up to my router and it works flawlessly with google voice. I am surprised how clear the conversations are.
The best part it doesn’t have to be connected to your computer. It hooks to your router. I paid less that $50 at Walmart for it.
I’ve called all over the US and Canada with out a single problem. Free calls to the US and Canada with Google voice hooked to it…Nice!
The Obi200 I have has one port for your phone they have other models with additional phone/fax ports.
Check out the Youtube video.

Cool thanks for the info.

It works great . I have 4 cordless phones hooked to it all from one base.

Talked to Roy from Canada with this and his cell this sounded better no charge to all of Canada / USA .

Yep! It’s a nice box.