VOIP Phone System

This may not be the best place for the topic, so moderators please correct as needed. I am curious as to how many, if any, of you use a VOIP system like Ring Central, Vonage, Grasshopper, etc.

With my contracting business I’ve always just used my cell number which at times I wish wasn’t the case. Moving forward I am considering subscribing to one of these services and am trying to get some feedback. I will not have a receptionist on staff in the foreseeable future.

Thank you all!

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I don’t use it very often , but I have a OBiTALK " OBi200 1-Port VoIP Phone Adapter with Google Voice and Fax Support ". It works very well.
Google voice is free all you got to do is buy the box.

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Read this thread…

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In addition, I forward my office phone to my cell when I’m not around.

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I use Vonage for home ($24.99/month) because the wife says we need a land line.

I use Magic Jack ($39.00/year) for my business/office. Been using them since it was only $19.00/year. Haven’t had any problems.

Same here.

Technically, that’s not a “land line”, it’s an internet line. Requires your internet connection to operate.

Yes I know. Used “land line” to differentiate from cellular. We were able to transfer our old land line number which we had long before we had cell phones and she didn’t want to let it go for some reason.