For those of us that use VOIP for telephone service and specifically Vonage this injunction ordered this morning could result in the loss of our phone service. While this possibility doesn’t appear immediate the future surely is clouded for Vonage. Looks like time to start searching for alternatives. See: http://weblog.infoworld.com/techwatch/archives/011173.html .

I had just heard about this last week. Funny how the day before I heard it, I got an e-mail from Vontage marketing a discount if you paid annually:)
I think I’ll wait.

Thanks for the info. I use Vonage and have for over a year, I hate to loose it because it’s been great. I make a lot of out of state calls and has saved me money over my last phone company.

Peter…me too! I’ve used Vonage for 12-18 months now & have no complaints at all. I have my main business number, a toll-free 800 number and more bells & whistles than I can use all for about $28/month! I sure don’t want to loose that but I guess there are other alternatives if Vonage is not successful on appeal. I did see that the injunction was relaxed somewhat later today and Vonage will continue to sign up new customers during the appeal process. Let’s hope they prevail in the long run.

Wow. What a blow to them.

I use lingo. I have been thrilled with the service. The prices are a little cheaper than vonage (21.95 per line) and the “bells and whistles” are the same, if not better. I have never had a problem with them. If you are interested, let me know. They do offer a rebate for those who are refered to them.

Does anyone know if a Vonage number is portable?

Yes, they are.

Here’s a comparison of several VOIP providers. http://www.voip-review.com/reviews/compare/

The one ‘bell & whistle’ that I will be looking for is “simultaneous ring” (not to be confused with call forwarding)…this feature rings my cell phone at the same time as it rings my office phone. It doesn’t ring a few times at the office then transfer to the other phone, it rings at the same time. I really like that feature and want to keep it but not all VOIP providers offer it.

Sounds like a nice feature…so, whatever phone is answered first gets it?

Yes, that’s correct.

Mike, I checked the link that you provided and it must be out of date because I have the services that it says lingo does not provide. The “simultaneous ring” is a great feature.

It would surly suck if you had taken advantage of their IPO, Vonage customers were given the insider price to purchase stock at around $17 a share.

I would also like to know if the number you received from Vonage is portable?

May very well be…I just googled “compare voip” and saw that chart. I won’t put much value on it and will look at Lingo if I ever do have to change providers.

Greg, Joe…Vonage Terms of Service indicates:*2.11 Number Transfer on Service Disconnection. Upon the disconnection of your Service, we may, in our sole and absolute discretion, release to your new service provider the telephone number that you ported (transferred or moved over) to us from your previous service provider and used in connection with your Service if: *

  • *such new service provider is able to accept such number; *
  • *your account has been properly disconnected; *
  • *your account is completely current, including payment for all Service charges and applicable disconnection fees; and *
  • *you request the transfer upon disconnecting your account. *

It doesn’t address numbers Vonage provided to you if you did not port one over to them originally. That question will become a real issue if Vonage is not able to continue as a viable alternative. I would not want to have to re-establish a new telephone number for all of my advertising and contacts.

That would not make me a happy camper either. :twisted: :frowning:

Sounds like a perfect class-action suit if I ever saw one.

It’s a moot point unless Vonage goes under…then what good would a lawsuit do?

All most all numbers are portable

Uh-oh…is this the beginning of the end? See: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18073813/from/RS.2/