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Hey guys have a question, I am currently using a call center and not happy with them so thinking of going back to answering the phone myself. I used to use google voice but i have to admit the quality wasn’t great. I have been looking into Oomo Office and RingCentral but the reviews are mixed. What are you guys using for your business phone? I refuse to carry 2 cellphones so thats out of the question. Im not thrilled about answering the phone all the time again but i just think that I can sell jobs much better than a call center.


I agree about being able to sell better.
Have you thought about a phone with dual sim cards? One for business number and the other for personal.

I have but unfortunately i just spent 1200 on a new iPhone Xs max so i wont be buying a new phone for some time. Besides I am a Apple guy never liked Android.

Actually I just found out that my new iPhone is duel sim so that may be an option. Thanks

If you are wanting an app, I used sideline for a year & liked them just fine.

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Thanks I will take a look. I really want the call center to work out but it just isn’t.

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I used sideline for 2 years and was very happy with it. $10 per month.

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Another sideline user here. It is a perfect option.

Does sideline allow you to call and text? I hate having to carry two phones.

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Not only does it do call and text, but if I miss a call it automatically sends a text to the caller. It is $10 per month and that is a bargain.

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What does the text say when you miss the call?

I use GV and agree call quality is not that great sometimes but it’s worked for the last six years. Looked at grasshopper but that’s $30/month. GV is free and it has some good features.

You can use their defaults or set up your own custom messages. You can set up multiple voicemails too & switch between them if need be. For example, one for during business hours (sorry I missed your call, I am with a client right now) & one for after business hours (our hours are xx to xx & you can always visit our website)
I never did that because I answer anytime. Just how I do business.

Keep in mind, you cannot separate sidline contacts & personal contacts.(no app can, only duel sim cards) All contacts are stored by & mixed together on your phone. You can categorize contacts on your phone but they are still mixed together under contacts.

I no longer use sideline & do carry 2 phones…kind of.

My business phone is always on me. That is the one everyone (family or business) calls & is used 99% of the time. If I am talking to my brother, I just hang up & answer the other call.

Also, I no longer use a tablet during inspection but instead use my phone. It takes great pictures, easy to manuver & runs my app. I take calls, email, text, inspect & write reports with it. If, in the rare event, I want to use my inspection app (on my phone) without interruption, I can forward calls to other phone to talk & inspect/write reports simultaneously. That 2nd line costs me $15/mo. added to my phone plan. 2nd phone is paid for.
Both phones have all my contacts, emails, inspection app, ISN app, social media apps, etc. 2nd phone is a backup, ready to run my business if something happens to my primary.
I can operate my business anytime, from anywhere & have found this to be right for my operation. That is the only reason I do not use sideline anymore. Other than that, they were great!

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Brandon, thanks for all the feedback. Happy Easter.

You’re welcome & Happy Easter.

Here is an example of how mine works. You never miss a lead.

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I answer my own phone calls. I use google voice with a special ring tone that is forwarded to my cell phone so I know it is a Inspection call. I only answer that number during inspections, other than my wife’s call. (We all have Bosses). This Wednesday I have an inspection from a guy who said he hung up on a phone service call because he wanted to talk to the inspector. I answered, he liked what I had to offer and I got the job.

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