Off center garage door openers

What’s the opinion of “Off center installed garage door openers on double width doors”? There are many articles on-line regarding this, and I believe that if the door were perfectly balanced this would be okay. From an inspectors point of view, what should our opinions be?

Stuart Tick

I find it hard to imagine pulling a garage door up from an off center position would not eventually torque or warp some component. I’d probably write it up as working at this time (if it is), but may have a shortened lifespan due to off center mechanism…something like that.


You’ll need to research the specs for the model in question. Many Liftmaster/Chamberlain/Craftsman openers allow up to 4 feet off center, for example, so there is no one right answer.


Did you manually operate the door?
How did it function?
How far was it off center, any pictures?

I think you’ll find that with torsion spring installation, off center mounting of the trolly door opener will not make much difference. :slight_smile: