Garage door opener

Is this set up an approved method for an opener installation? Unable to locate any info from the manufacturer.

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Andrew, their installation instructions are on their website.

I have found installation like that very problematic especially when testing the automatic reverse function as it can tweek the door.

I would hate to see what happens should the cable come off the left side drum with the door on the way up.

The torque of the closer would and failure of the left pulley would make the top panels derail and guess what?

Marcel :):smiley:

Thanks Dale,
Helpful as always. Just the info I was looking for.
Mark and Marcel, I agree totally. It was disclaimed in my report. Thank you.

Andrew, I have seen openers installed like that a couple times, they needed the head room for their SUV or something, anyway, the door did not open correctly to say the least----:lol:

This thing went up and down perfectly. I expected to see some torque, but did not. Thanks for the link, manufacturer is quite clear on the right or left of center location.

I guess it’s OK, unless I’m reading this incorrectly

**[FONT=Helvetica-Bold][size=2]You can fasten the header bracket within 4 feet
(1.22 m) of the left or right of the door center only if
a torsion spring or center bearing plate is in the
way; or you can attach it to the ceiling (see page 9)
when clearance is minimal. It may be mounted on
the wall upside down if necessary, to gain
approximately 1/2" (1 cm).

Did anyone ever see a Miracle Garage Door Opener? They are designed to be mounted on the side - motor mounts on the door. I think it a miracle if they operate at all.

Thanks Mike. The last one I saw (2 weeks ago) went up about 3" higher on the motor side. Suggested that an installation co. be called to adjust. Wheels seem to be spitting off rubber like a bad retread.

Jack shaft is the only way to go

I should have been more clear on the description of the door…it’s a 16 ft. door. So, we are out of compliance with the manufactures’ installation instructions of 4ft. left or right of the center line. Just thought I would clarify.

I saw one like this not long ago on a new construction home.

Bruce, didn’t know liftmaster made one like that, sure looks better than “It’s a miracle if it opens” brand.

Here’s a new Lift-Master side mount.

PA240037 (Small).JPG

Linas, was that one on your inspections?

I never seen one yet up here.

When did they actually start making these units for residential, anyways?


Marcel :):smiley:

It was on a new home under construction. (draw inspection) It is really quiet. You can barely hear it.

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Nice, I see they even give you your own building to do your paper work.

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That’s the superintendant’s office.