off to the Indy 120

I am off tomorrow to Indianapolis to do 120 insurance inspections in the next week. (kinda like RR drivebys:) ) One of the companies I work for needed extra help in this area. Any comments or suggestions on stuff to do or see or eat or drink? Not that I will have alot of time, but maybe I will get all inspections done in the first few days and just hang around and take in the sites.
I’m sure I will like the money and all, but they coulda sent me somewhere warm:cool:

Dress warm!!!

Congrats Jamie! Have fun!

Go find a cute race car driver. :wink:

Eat a ton of food for me. :wink:

Shucks, it’s warming up in the Heartland—it’s above freezing now.:smiley: :smiley:

Have a good trip, and write when you find work…