Ohio Division of Real Estate has approved InterNACHI courses for Continuing Education

The Ohio Real Estate Division has approved the following courses for Continuing Education Credit:

How to Inspect the Attic, Insulation, Ventilation, and Interior

25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know

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Thanks for posting this. Are there any other courses that have been approved for Ohio Continuing Education? Are there any others that are awaiting approval?

We have 12 courses approved so far: Free Home Inspector Training Courses & Online Classes - InterNACHI®

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Ohio requires specific lanuage that the inspection will performed under the state guidelines.
Should I leave the references to Internachi in the agreement since we have to inspect according to the state guidlines.

Also can I still be a member of Internachi if I inspect to the state guidelines.

I know that the Internachi agreement says "if your state has requirements we will abide by them (paraphrasing). But it calls for these specifically (see f & h):

(2) Every written home inspection contract shall include

(a) The inspection fee;

(b) The address of the property;

(c) Client’s name;

(d) Authorized recipient(s) of the report;

(e) Date of the inspection;

(f) Statement that the work to be performed is a home inspection as defined in division (C) of section 4764.01 of the Revised Code;

(g) Signatures of the licensee and client and date signed; and

(h) Statement that the report is prepared in accordance with Chapter 4764. of the Revised Code and rules adopted thereunder.

Please advise

Thank you!

Email me at nick@internachi.org and I’ll email you back a very specific agreement for Ohio.

I’m actually building a matrix for every state and for every type of inspection. I had to buy out a lawyer to do it… I’ll have a big announcement soon.