Ohio Inspectors

Hi everyone! I began my home inspection career in Minnesota but I am moving back to Ohio. Is there any advice current Ohio inspectors can throw my way? Anything I should know about inspecting homes in Ohio? My last visit home proved that the market is completely different from the South West Minnesota area! My home town is Parma but I am looking at purchasing a home in the Medina area and plan on servicing as far as I need to make a living.

How long ago did you live here?

How long did you live here?

I live on the east side of Cleveland but I believe the market is fairly similar to the West side, maybe Macy can answer better, how the other half lives.

The houses are the same as they have been for years. There are a lot of vacant homes especially the closer you get to Cleveland.

It seems as though everyone is busier than usual and the market is picking up steam, unless of course you talk to the doom and gloom guys.