OHIB meeting cancelled

The last OHIB meeting was cancelled. This is one thing that was to be discussed:

(9) Licensees shall not provide to their clients or their client’s agents oral home inspection reports in lieu of written home inspection reports.
(10) Licensees may perform a limited scope home inspection for a client, which would include a licensee’s inspection of one or more systems or components for a property but would not include a licensee’s inspection of all systems or components for a property as found in rule 1301:17-1-17, provided the scope of the licensee’s home inspection is:
(a) In compliance with divisions (D)(3) and (D)(4) of section 4764.01 of the Revised Code;
(b) Clearly stated in the signed, written contract between the licensee and the client; and
(c) Clearly stated in the licensee’s written home inspection report.

This was never discussed before in an open meeting so, I guess this is from the Division Counsel.


Yep, I received the same email on April 28th 2022.
I wonder if the OP is the same Mike Parks that’s told us a few years ago it was illegal in Ohio for a HI to remove a dead front??


It’s him Joe.

Its Back GIFs | Tenor

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somebody forgot to lock the door…

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That is a comment from the Division. My post is proposed new law.

and Yet nothing about electrical panels…Shocking,

Well Joe since you brought it up.

B1.pdf (39.5 KB)
T1.pdf (40.4 KB)
W1.pdf (38.1 KB)

I don’t perform home inspections any more. I only do code inspections and am willing to help fellow members with Ohio code related items.

I’m not here to fight with you. I am here to help those who may need code related facts.

apparently that is the part You have never grasped Mr. Parks…home inspectors do not perform code compliance inspections…


The law already clearly states what a home inspection is and what it consist of.

The letter sent out was a “notice” to those perfoming walk and talks, consultaions, or whatever you want to call them, that they were in violation of Ohio law if they were performing these types of services and getting paid to do it.

If they add anything to the law it will be concerning partial inspections and what will be required to legally perform them.

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What Kevin said.

Other topics for concern was earnings fees or commissions for added services like sewer scope inspections, radon inspections, and other added services from third party contractors. This is done all the time in the building trade, and home inspectors are not allowed to do this to supplement their income?

No they are not. The OHIB voted in November that is was a violation. 4-2. The Chair and Vice-chair voted for this illegal activity.
I have asked that they be removed from the board and would have made it part of the public record had the last meeting not been cancelled. We need ethical individuals on the board. These 2 are not.
I have never accepted anything of value nor given anything of value for referrals. Just another reason that I am not well liked.

Which is ridiculous and how licensing bureaucracy can wreck a state industry. In general terms, it goes from good intentions of protecting the public to a group of individuals trying to justify their existence. Not saying you are that person Mike, I do not know you so I want to make it very clear I am not shooting arrows at any specific person.

(note: There is a difference between being a facilitator for a ancillary inspection service and receiving a referral fee. A facilitator should be compensated. This could easily be disclosed)


Have you read this?

Hi Mike,
I have read this prior to you posting.
It is unfortunate that the State did not email or USPS this to all licensed inspectors, as it should have been.
The tragedy in the whole licensing scheme grows monthly. From the non-pursuit of unlicensed person performing inspections to the constant cancellation of Board meetings.
It has been all about the money and NOT “protecting the public”.


Yes. I have have been and will continue to fight them. Cordell went so far as to say in an open meeting that he would continue to violate the law.

They are trying to push an ASHI agenda. I don’t hate ASHI (just everyone - lol) but I will not let anyone jam their agenda down my throat. Cordell advertises open houses for the agents that use him. Berning was literally laying on the table pouting about not being able to continue to get illegal payments.

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PS the temporary AG (rep) stood up and interrupted me and told the board that they could limit my speaking. Only 2 of us in the room and it was getting “out of hand” because I was allowed to tell them they didn’t know what they were allowed to and not allowed to do.

Big time scam.

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Licensing home inspectors has never “protected the public”. Instead, it creates an unsafe illusion in the minds of the consumer that all “licensed” home inspectors are equally skilled, knowledgeable, and able to communicate the conditions of a home and its systems to a vulnerable potential buyer which ALL licensed home inspectors know to be untrue.