Ohio State NACHI 8-20

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The best and largest high tech event is being held August 20th in Ohio


Jeff Judy
Ohio State Chapter

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gromicko wrote:

Yalia Technology Design demonstrated its new Quick Start web site product at the Ohio NACHI meeting today, proving that it is possible for a home inspector to build a full web site in less than 15 minutes using Yalia's unique tools. Congratulations to Larry Pinnick of ABCO Indy Home Inspections, the lucky winner of the free web site that Yalia gave away and built on stage with Larry during the event.
Yalia's Quick Start web site sells for $69.95 plus hosting and comes complete with your choice of designs, and easy-to-use content management system, and 12 full pages of NACHI-approved content, making it the best website value in the home inspection industry today.

Yalia has also expanded the number of available web site designs, launching six new website templates this week. At the same time we retired a few of our very popular designs in order to keep them from being over-used in the marketplace.

To view available website designs, or to get more information on our products or services, see www.homeinspectionwebsite.com.

Great meeting, Jeff! Thank you again for your hospitality and support, and good job on pulling this meeting together in such a graceful and professional manner!

- Roberta

Affordable web solutions for home inspectors, including complete NACHI web sites for only $75 plus hosting. See http://www.HomeInspectionWebSite.com for more information.