Oil tanks in basement

Two tanks discovered in a basement this morning. Other than saying they are present and should be removed, is there any other wording you guys use? I don’t come across them very often. Also, how about all that coal?!

Yeah as long as you’ve identified the issue and recommended further action by a qualified professional I’m not sure there’s much more you can do. Honestly all 3 pictures are great we don’t see any of those too often down here in the Louisville area. I don’t know of any homes that had oil furnaces. I do know coal was used in the older districts but were put out of commission a long time ago. That coal pile is fantastic but I would probably call it out as a fire hazard just to be on the safe side as well.

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David - If not being used (No furnace on Oil), I will just add a line to ask the seller for decommisioning paperwork and if not available, that they should be decomissioned PROPERLY by a company that services oil tanks. As they are surface mounted, this is easiest. The company should provide them documentation of the decommisioning as well for records.

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exterior cracks/cracked parging etc in foundation walls allowing water in, causing…