OIR 1802 Meeting

Here is a link to the Sept 20th OIR meeting on the 1802 form


Happy viewing

Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to take the time to see the videos later on tonight.
Meeker check out 3:30 minutes into the 1st video, then 6:30 minutes.

I will.
What is it about?
I do not have the time at the moment.

very interesting. Why on earth anyone involved think pictures are a good idea for inspectors or clients I will never know. The Don Meyler guy is a fool and a tool.

ThaNKS for posting the link John and Jerry thanks for the timestamp.

Your welcome Mike.
After I finish a inspection report I’m going to watch the rest of the videos.

I just sent a framework to the OIR for instructions on how-to fill out the 1802 form.

Fantastic, by the way great work representing Inter-NACHI at the meeting.

Thanks Jerry!

Apparently they seem to think that it would be a good idea if training was provided to standardize the way in which the forms are filled out. Go figure… and it only took 10 years.

Thanks for posting this. I wish I would of made the meeting. I disagree with the speaker that claims the 10% non hip has no change on the classification versus 50% of a major wall.

The OIR needs to come down to the HVHZ and hold a meeting. We feel like the red headed step child down here.

Good job guys

I agree, theoretically you could have up to 49% of the roof be gable and still call it hip (if you really wanted to push it).

I remember when the change to 10% happened every one seemed to be crying about the client losing their discounts.

Not to say the 50% rule was done right, as mentioned at the meeting the definition of a wall was never made clear. Insurance providers were all over the place with their interpretations (oh wait they still are).

I still haven’t gotten an answer to what defines a “major” wall. Is it any wall over a certain length, a certain square footage? Does it have to be at right angles to the adjoining wall (I’m thinking of bay windows and the like)? At least with the 10% the questions are fewer.

You really think it is a good idea to be told how to do things.

How is that good for us?

You want even more control given to the fools that go over theses inspections and give them even more reasons to say it is no good.

I personally believe it is BEST for all of US to each interpret the form in our own ways and force the insurance companies to accept our reports based on the fact that we are licensed professionals.

Control is not the solution to fixing problems. Just look at the mess licensing has made out of things. Not many prices going up on many services. It seems the price of most services have been reduced due to supply and demand.

Just about anyone can now do inspections of all types so they are. That causes prices to drop because of increased competition. I sure as hell do not need people telling me how I must now do each and every service I provide.

Wake up and kick the government OUT of our businesses if you like being a small businessman that makes their own decisions.

Every time you let someone tell you how you must do something you are that much closer to losing your power.

Heck you all should just call up ole Don and sign up. You to could do 20 wind mits a day for a 1/3 of what you should get. They will even review your work for you and tell you if it is acceptable or not and decide whether you get paid on not.

People in the panhandle feel the same way except we are red-headed “bastard” step child.

In an ideal world… Wake up Mike, We are currently and will continue to be regulated, the form is being standardized and no I don’t think it is a bad thing because it will eliminate the confusion. Sometimes it is best to accept the way things are that you can’t change you know, the serenity prayer thing.

Otherwise you end up running around with everybody pointing at you saying “look at that angry young man, such a shame, he just doesn’t get it.”

I think it is a terrible shame a great many home inspectors do not get it :slight_smile:

Being new to the professional ranks they seem to think regulation and standardization is good.


Can you guys share the contact information regarding the mystical wizards that can certify a picture of a shutter as compliant. Since approved permits don’t make the acceptable criteria, please share how to get to these wizards. The meeting info states that the wizards will provide a cerification that can be used for compliance, all from a picture. This is truely magic…

You need to know the secret hand shake and password first. :smiley:

They never gave out the contact info

Thanks for your consistant honest and good intent towards this process. I think you now have a better understanding of what is happening. This is why we need to stand up for the homeowners, as our country is falling apart because of this type of crap. The insp companies speaking which have contracts with the insurers for re-inspections where speaking to the OIR as suck ups to the industry, not as inspection companies.

We need to step back and look at the big picture.

Where is the BOAF in all this. We are the ones that are going to be calling local building departments for some this information in some cases. Their staff will need to be the ones that will have to deal with us and I am sure that is not in the budget. I talked with Lee County Chief Bldg Official yesterday about when and how shutter information could be implemented into the application process for review on line. He was not aware of any of this…or that it will be an issue for wind mit inspectors. Lets get the BOAF involved…thoughts?

I think the BOAF should get more involved.

Everyone who has a stake in these should speak-up, including home owners. The pendulum has swung in the other direction and it needs to be centered.

They were done so incorrectly in the past, verification has to be done. Now some are starting to require proof that is bordering on ridiculous. I think as professionals we have a duty to do them correctly and have evidence to defend our choices.

Hopefully as the new form is released a set of standards will be developed and education will continue to be dispersed. This should correct the problems from all fronts.