oir meeting update as it progress's

Here at the OIR meeting and it about a full house. I think John Shishilla may have some great news later and I will let him expand on it.

The room is full and there appears to be a diverse crowd with INachi represented well.

Sorry last post was from Russell Hensel and I was using Johns tablet

Meeting called to order promptly on time and for future refernce jacket and tie is highly recommended.

Steve fredrickson and mike miles are th chairs of the meeting and this meeting is to have information available to the general public. They ae actually discussing Michael Meeker that the inspections can cause bodily injury. Bob Carr is answering for FABI and is talking about the picture taking.

He is defending the Meeker view and doing it well.

Don Mylerr CEO is backing the view that with 100,000 of imspections no one has eve been injuried.

Pictures seem to be mandatory and it will stay this way.

Now talking hip roof rule

Trying to take objective out of the measuri g and trying g to make it more scientific

Now talking what about people who will loose their credit. How will this be addressed and its more or less going to be o well tough luck Charlie.

OIR wants an instruction manual.

John is talking that he will offer his manual to be used, this could be big for us.

Talking that garage doors can be hurricane pressure rated but no hurricane impact rated and states the form is not consistent with the building code.

Made great points and it appears the a rewrite will be needed.

Talking tht question is very confusing and can have multiple checks.

Now saying that why questions that provide no credits being asked

Talking that certain aspects give no credit that people may think they will get a credit can be received, but wen in fact the client will receive no credit. Why have it on the form if no credit is to be received.

Now stating that maybe I nstead of just giving the permit information they may need to include the actual permit information attached to the report.

Does that mean without them there will be no credits awarded or will they start to enforce the Visible and Accessible rule.

No where in that rule does it state that if there is no photos there will be no credit.

What about when we verify things from a safe distance and cannot get a good picture safety?


Ask Don Meyler how many peoples property has been damaged by people crawling through attics?

We have just been lucky that no one has died yet.

Great updates. Keep it up. Thanks.

Hell No.

He said only a fewattic may have been damaged