OIR meeting, Dinner?

John Shishilla, Preston Halstead and myself are going to arriving Monday evening for the meeting and staying overnight at the Marriot on W. Gaines Street.

We will be arriving probably around 6 or 7 and we were wondering if people wanted to have a working dinner that night just to get ideas and to meet people. If so, just reply to this and if someone could pick a place near the hotel to eat, that would be great as well. None of us know the area that well.

Just an idea and was wondering if people wanted to meet up. Just let us know.

Great idea I have enjoyed these get together and sure learned a lot in the past .
Hope some take you up sorry Canada is to far for me to come wish you all the best… Roy

If they do great…if not that is ok as well…I am sure Preston, John and I will have enough to chat about…

Im still feeling a little semi retarted from the last oir meeting I went to. Like Bizarro world! Should I bring some mushrooms?

how long did it last? What should we expect? My first

hr or two. expec the usual culprits. wce people, rowan, bill york, zoe, ARA. the oir people sit up front and nod every now and again. There is a podium. ARA will tell u pretty much what will be on the next form. Everyone who signs in at the start can take the podium and air grievances or drop knowledge. Its pretty lamo. My take is that ara makes the form and oir accepts input via podium and writing to humor everyone else. Lets just hope they leave out the mistakes this time. ie; Flat roof >10% WTF

whats the date for the next one? Ive been holding out for the perfect place for these mushrooms!

Sept 20th.

You know I once “heard” a great way to eat them.

Grind and stuff into empty gelatin capsules. :mrgreen:

Rumor is there is NO better way to consume them.

I got one: for another meeting.

If you are a police officer with K9 and own your home, guess what?

OK, I will tell you, it is hard to find insurance because you have one of those dogs the insurance companies do not like.

I think the OIR should exclude all official police(and alike) K9s from being discriminated against. The police/city should already have a pretty good policy, one would think, right?

rant, over, sorry

That does explain a few things. Do you think of taking pictures in hot, dirty, cramped places?:twisted::p:mrgreen:

Tea…There’s gonna be tea…

Good food and good conversations.

I aint scared. lemme ask the old lady

Having met all you guys at one time or another, I feel confident that my interest will be well represented. Give em hell…

They do, or at least in Fort Lauderdale, they do. Rented a house to a cop w/ a K9. My insurance company said they would not allow vicious dogs, cop produced cities policy, got a copy made out to me and insurance company, problem solved.
The OIR shouldn’t include questions that do not have anything to do with the wind mit features of a house, if the insurance company want to know other info, they should pay to get it!

AMEN. They are taking advantage every chance they can to get something for nothing and to screw their clients.

Sean who was the underwriter? This cop is a friend and I would like to share with him who he might be able to get coverage with. (other than citizens)
He has a letter from the City of Palm Bay that says if his K9 unit does anything the city of palm bay is liable.

They are most likely different policies, owner occupied vs non-owner occupied.

I did not say he could not get insurance, just stated that he was having difficulty. Every area can be different also, depends who is writing where. It should not be a factor is all I believe, K9 officer/dog should not equal man eating dangerous dog. The wind mit and dog are not related, just another topic for another OIR meeting.

Michelle, it was Citizens.