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Please send me the DVD of the electrical programs.

Very good Joe.
I am in need of improving my understanding of the electrical systems and components.
I will look further into electrical systems and there components if you keep on posting information.
You have a reputation of being a good mentor.
Its the other reputation that you need to shake-off.
By helping improve INCHI junior and senior inspectors will regain our once good name.
Good luck.
Keep it up.

Strange how some keep bringing up about Joe’s post from a long time ago.
I know the person well and he has put this behind it is unfortunate others have not .
I expect most can not even remember who it was that Joe posted about .

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful
than a life spent doing nothing." George Bernard Shaw

Good morning Roy.:D:D:D:D:D

I do, Roy.

But what you are forgetting is that…after being let back in, he attacked another member by stalking him…with calls to his family and to his employer.

He was expelled, again.

He has already been given his “second” chance - used it to harm another member - and now, by accident (according to Nick), he has a third.

Your willingness to forgive him for exposing our profession to ridicule through one of your posts (that he copied and subjected to public “exposure” of his negative opinions about home inspectors) is nice…but after being allowed to return and harassing at least three other members as he did and in the manner that he did, resulting in his unprecedented second expulsion…he should not even be allowed to read this message board. Allowing his posts is, in the opinion of many, an absurd thing to do.

Accident, glitch or whatever, failing to deal with it shows a lack of respect for the members of NACHI.

This is squarely in Nicks court and I call on him to find a way to remove Tedescoe entirely.

Send him a DVD of his appearance on NACHI TV and call it done. IMHO

I know the “person” too - it was me, and you, and every other inspector in the nation. It’s just a matter of time before it starts up again.

The fact that he is even posting on the board shows he has no respect for inspectors or this association.

Glitch - my a ss. Nick has the absolute “power” to remove Joe T. The notion that this is “beyond his control” is absurd.


You have summed it up. What is he atttempting to do here (again)? This man has a motive.

Mr Pope, your own electrical prowess, along with the contributions from others in our org with an equal knowledge of the subject matter, have consistently blown Mr. Tedesco away.

We appreciate all that you have contributed to this organization through the years. It started with our COE and has blossomed ever since…

I was trying to be nice Mr. Pope.

I’ll keep my thoughts to myself as to what is really going on.:wink:

But you are absolutely right. This is within Nick’s power to stop.

No disrespect intended to you Mike - you know that.

Thanks Joe (F). Always happy to be of assistance.

And I didn’t think you did Jeff, I know we are on the same page.:wink:

Exactly as Jeff has stated.

It is not one inspector/member here, it is many, myself included.

I don’t consider myself to have even an inkling of Tedesco’s electrical knowledge, but his attitude towards inspectors and the home inspection industry as a whole, sux! If I ever need that level of expertise, Paul Abernathy or many other very knowledgeable electrical experts on this MB are available (member and non-member alike).

Student Member” or not, ***Joe Tedesco ***does not belong here!

Thanks James but with out looking very far I see others who continue to ridicule me and other home Inspectors .

IF it happens again then it should be dealt with but as I said it is in the
past And I see no reason to not let it go.

If any one should want him Gone it is me .

I try to not be vindictive and want to move on .

Lets all try and hope we can move on …Roy
Errors need to be corrected and allowed to fade away. No one wins by continuing to pick a sore .

True indeed, but this was no “error” on the part of Joe T. It is his nature to be pompous, arrogant and destructive. He has proven this time after time, and on message-board after message-board. He has been given several chances to “play nice,” but continues to repeat his behavior.

He has nothing to offer our industry, other than the perpetuation of his belief that the HI is unqualified to inspect anything electrical.

Prove me wrong - show me an example where he was helpful to a members question or request. He can’t/won’t answer a question other than to copy & paste a code section, or send you down a worm-hole of dead-end links that have little or no relevance.

He is all about “shameless self-promotion.” Anyone who disagrees with him will eventually suffer his “wrath.”

Roy…you are mixing apples and oranges when you compare your situation to that of the guy who started this thread.

Nothing that you did was intended to cause harm to any particular inspector or to the profession. Nothing you did went outside of this realm. Those who are taking shots at you also take shots at others, as well. Ignore them. Most do.

In this instance, members are extending the warning to other members who were not here when this freak was slithering through NACHI intending harm to its members, in particular, and home inspectors in general.

Newbies need to know that when they post questions that his guy has access to…he has a history of cutting and pasting them on public message boards to discredit them, in particular, and home inspectors in general. They also need to know that when they publicly disagree or cause him anger as one extremely knowledgable and respected contribuotr did, they can expect him to make angry phone calls to family members and to other people in their community with the intent to cause them harm and to discredit them and their business. If they are professionally employed to conduct inspections for someone else, as this other knowledgable and respected contributor was, he has been known to call their boss and complain of their incompetency.

This isn’t just about “not liking” the creep. It’s about warning others who might not know about him about the acts that he has been known to commit and the reasons for his two prior expulsions.

Once warned, any member who decides to interact with him and gets burned will have to take their lumps. Helping other members is important to you, Roy. Encouraging them to participate with this guy is not a way to help them, IMO.


Look Nick has given him his blessing.
So again you start the feverish frenzy. He is here and that’s that. Want to anger him or bring up the past. So be it.
What will it archive.
Only the future can tell.
Keep it up and the future is in your hands. He is here.
Just my view.

You’re relatively new to the forum Robert, so I understand your position. Just be aware - there is a history here. Joe T has no respect for you or your profession. Because you’re “new,” he is expecting to get your money and your admiration. What he gets from you, is up to you.

All about AFCI’s

Yeah, wait until you start getting the obscenity laden calls at 3am. You will enjoy those.:roll: