My Hero!

Joe is a classic. After watching the NACHI videos I am convinced that he is one of the best!


I have a lot of respect for Mr. Joe Farsetta. I learn from Joe by reading his posts to the message board, as well as NACHI T.V.

I do know from past experiences with Joe Farsetta, that he is very knowledgeable in this industry. He has helped to build InterNACHI to where it is today, and I would like to say thank you.

Joe Farsetta is an honorable man and contributes to members well being more than most will ever know.

Tedesco, You’ve been booted out of INACHI at least once. Your weak attempt at self gratifying humor is a fail and not appreciated.

Joe and I have bumped heads more than once.

As John said he is an honorable man and always puts his personal feelings to the side and acts in the best interests of NACHI and the profession. He is also willing to take the least popular jobs at NACHI (The Enforcer).

Joe is a great guy. He just does not p u s s y-foot around on things. NACHI needs less a s s kissers – like Joe F. Sad but true.

Tedesco, if you would spend more time trying to better the home inspection profession, than you do trying to degrade it, you might start to get some respect. Until than you can kiss my NACHI a s s!

And to think I used to respect YOU.

If you can’t see what T******* is doing I question your judgment.


I hope James meant to say “Joe T” in his last sentence…

We can only hope Joe F.

Kinda careless either way.

In James strange way of communicating what he meant was that Joe F’s not anass kisser and we need more like him. James is so misunderstood.:slight_smile:
Sad but true.

Now watch what happens when we insert a hyphen…

NACHI needs less a s s kissers – like Joe F.

Punctuation means a whole bunch, do it not?

Fixed :wink:

That Braun is one sad a s s kisser and a CMI to boot!!!
Sad but true!!:p:p

Welcome back to the board Joe. Haven’t seen you here in a long time. Heard you were out of the country in the Middle East for a while or something like that.

It is corrected. Calm down!

I’m calm.

Thanks for clarifying your intent. :smiley:

#-oI complimented Joe in the first two sentences.

How did I know when I typed “a s s kisser”, you would show up. Your ear was burning, wasn’t it?:slight_smile:

Thank you! Yes, I was away in Iraq for one year in 2008 and returned in November 2009. I was awarded and received the following memo from my supervisor.

I am planning on developing materials that relate to the electrical inspection process that include video clips, revision to my 1990 book covering the subject, and being available as a resource when questions arise.

And there it is!

Looking to make another buck of the backs of home inspectors. You really are a piece of work Joe.