Ok Larson

What is this it was installed on a plumbing vent in the attic it has some sort of rubber type check valve, a fan under the hood and I googled the name American Standard and its # and come up empty. I have never seen this type of animal on a vent stack. The electric motor was not functional and if it had been it would be wrong to discharge sewer gas into the attic:shock:

No clue yet.

First for me too Charley. That looks like a butterfly valve in the bottom which would only allow it to vent out, but not allow atmospheric air in. Exactly what you wouldn’t want with a termination in the attic. Do you have a full shot of the orange label?

That is a blower motor. The way it’s set up it would force air down the vent and not allow off-gassing into the attic.

Why it was placed on the DWV of the residence is a mystery to me.

I understand that but have no clue why one would want to force air down a stack. you might call it a sufficated bidet :shock::wink:

No close up the label just stated the installer was not to reduce the size of the pipe

Charlie, Can you tell if the pivot on the butterfly is off center? It looks like it is in the picture. If so it would pivot open with down pressure (from the blower) but close when its not running, possibly to prevent gas from venting.

It’s definitely an oddball.

What year was home built ?

Is this it Charley? An air blower for a hot tub.


Charley is this it? It a hot tub air blower.




Spa blower. Not all plastic pipe in attics is part of the DWV system, pro tip. :slight_smile:

Makes sense. Definitely looks like a spa blower. I have never seen one hooked up to the tub inside of a house.

Guess you guys nailed it but I had no clue as there was no spa tub and the vent in the attic was not visible any where else. In Okla if we want bubbles we git in the horse tank with a big straw and make bubbles or we just Fart in the tub.

BTW the home was a 1920 model been many things come and go in that home

Thanks for all your help one never gets to old to learn something that is what makes this job fun;-)

A long time ago I saw a hot tub installed in a basement. It’s probably gone now too :slight_smile:

Nice thread, had no idea such a device existed!
Who knows, if we can come up with technology like that then
maybe someday we’ll walk on the Moon! :wink: