Ok Nick eat your heart out

Neet stuff, I know you like the old stuff thought you might like these

More stuff and my grandson that got married in this building Saturday standing with both of his Grandfathers. Not many get to do this:D:D:D

The PIC with your grandson is the best.

The oil wagon is the most precious piece. Rare.

I’m not buying the wheels on the covered wagon, they’re from a different wagon.

The steel road grader is the one I would want though, as I’m in the road building business.

Thanks Charley!

Pretty cool and a great memory for you all.

very nice

Those stair spindles are greater than 4 1/2" apart!

Really cool.
Nice photo of the 3 amigos. :wink:
I have seen a grader like that in use for real on a ranch in Wyoming not just for a show.

Just don’t slip and you’ll be okay. :mrgreen: