Todays Crawl space

Just want to share some photos of todays crawl. It is days like today I wish we had all slabs.

under h.JPG

under h.JPG

under house (1).JPG

under h (2).JPG

under house.JPG

under h (1).JPG

A couple of more.

crawl (1).JPG


Boy I bet you guys get the big bucks for going in places like that. I sure am glad we don’t have to do that down here.

Ben, Now tell the truth, did you go out of state to get them pics:roll: :twisted: :wink: :slight_smile:

Thats is why I use my RC truck with a wireless camera to do this inspections now. I am getting to old physically to crawl around under there with critters,and other things. Also trying to crawl into places that are just to tight. I use to like to sperlunk in my younger days… :roll:

New Ride 001.jpg

Mark, Specs please on the truck!

Do you put it on the roof as well?


Ok guys, go to the posting I had on this. It will give you more information on it. Yes you can use it on a roof up to a 30 degree slope. Thanks for your interest.


You do know that I am just going to steal that pic, for my structure course.

Just can’t help myself. It’s wat too good.

As you and I both know, -X :lol: Yes you and anyone else may use this photo. I have more pictures from different sides if you want them. But we will have to send them thru the email. Dang pic loader here… Thanks for using it Will.

It will be duly credited to your truely sick, twisted and brilliant mind, Mr. Roe.

Mark, do you have it on a boat attachement?

It is truly a sad day now that we have to do things like that. :frowning: From time to time I still hear about it concerning the cd. And thank you for the credit. :smiley:

I can set this system up on most anything. I am looking at a aerial system to safely inspect the roof with out fearing that my truck may and has rolled on the roof. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

I use a similar system with the X10 Cam

Battery operated, attaches to the laptop and operates wirelessly. I find the slower geared RC vehicles work best, I bought a robotics kit from Radio Shack with a tracked vehicle robot. Also looking at hooking up a bluetooth system with a multiple gas monitor to detect combustible/hazardous environments.



I looked at the x10 for this. But how do you get enough light to see? Their system is not infrared? Also, where and how do you get power to run the receiver, if there is no power at the site? I use x-10’s system in and around my house, along with the security system… Retire law man, makes the wife happier if you get my drift. Besides, I like to sleep inside. :smiley: You are looking in the right direction for other uses if it calls for it. Thanks for your input. :slight_smile:

My x10 is infared, but it doesnt work well, I put a light on the front of the RC vehicle. The X10 kit I have came with small battery boxes that the cam plugs into. Just 4 AA batteries.

Ok my bad,you are right… x10 does have a simple night camera. And you are right about the poor picture. I have one on my back door and on on the front. Even though they say you can see in very low light. It is hard to see real well. The system that I am using has 30 Led’s and have a half way good picture in zero light conditions up to 10 feet away. I use a 10,000,000 power light that I stick in the hole. this at most times provide enough light to light up the whole crawl space. I am looking at adding small Led pen lights. these really put alot of light out also. :smiley: