Okla Internachi Chapter training

Most likely against my better judgement I have excepted the front seat for the State chapter 2017. I have been thinking about training at the chapter meetings. My thinking is to have a meeting in Tulsa and at OKC on a given periodicity. I can cover training on IR, exterior cladding and HVAC but need some ideas from members as to what they would like training on so we can plan for speakers. If you know someone or some company let me know and I will try to set it up either in Tulsa or OKC.

I am going to need some help on this guys I know you are busy but so am I. We can make this a training chapter if we work together

I would love to be more knowledgeable about septic inspections which we currently sub out. Information on roofs and how the insurance industry is changing so I can better advise my customers.

Looking forward to your ir and Hvac stuff!
If I can help from Tulsa, let me know…

That is a good start Thanks Andrew we will be posting meeting times and places on the chapter web site and here in the Okla thread