Oklahoma Department of Agriculture approves InterNACHI's free, online WDO course


Is it your understanding that in order to only perform a WDO inspection in Oklahoma you do not have to be certified by the state Ag Dept? I spoke with someone a day or two ago and was advised that in order to even perform an inspection for ‘termites’ or WDO I would have to get certified and licensed with the state as a pesticides applicator. And it is my experience with the state that if I were to speak with someone different I would likely get a different answer, so I thought I’d search a more reliable source before continuing to talk to the state. I have searched the forums and have seen it noted in other threads that no certification is required to inspect except for a handful of regulated states. Any insight is greatly appreciated.


That is correct, from what I have learned from all the termite inspectors I have worked around.

Really appreciate the reply. Definitely gives me a little confidence in the answer I received from the state.