Old American Standard boiler help

Original boiler ('52?). Unit did not have TPR valve, however, I believe the left red device on the water line is an older style relief valve, no? Also, what is the valve/component next to the so-called relief valve? These were both installed on the supply line to the boiler.

Thanks in advance.

Yes and pressure regulator on the right.

Micheal is right

Thanks fellas.
BTW, there were no radiators or baseboards in the whole house, which had me a bit puzzled at first. The pipes were installed in the attic for ceiling radiant heat. A first for me. Anyone else ever ran into this type of system?

My first was last year in a 1955 1+1/2 storey house designed and built by an engineer. He missed on the insulation needed in the ceiling of the first storey. The upstairs would tend to overheat when trying to heat the first floor with the 2 zone heating system.

Is the relief valve a temperature sensing device as well? Should there be a TPR valve on the unit??

No that one is not temperature , Should be another some where on the unit.

I’m doing a house tomorrow (built in 1955) Went to pick up my Radon monitor this morning so I took a look at the boiler. It has 3 separate pumps. I am guessing each zone has it’s own pump? The boiler is pretty old but has been well maintained. I’m sure I’ll spend a good amount of time answering questions about this system, that appears complex but really is not.