Old home in Guyana

Dear Friends,
Anyone of you ever saw a home with similar exterior vents.
This is a very very old home in Guyana (assumed built in British colonial time) very hot country, I am baffle as to what purpose it serve most importantly what it possibly is.

I would like to see this home inspection report.

Not an inspected home, photo taken just because of those two assumed vents.

Hemwant, it is difficult to see the shape of the round disc type portion of the vent, but maybe they were positioned to scoop the prevailing wind for some interior breeze? :thinking:

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Secret government placed air raid sirens! :smirk:

That would be my best guess… 29f339b9abc079f6c4a3d4ad58012137b01e33d8_2_999x750

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Most likely it was a way to create draft in the home. The length of the pipes outside, once subjected to heat, would create a draft drawing air from a register within. They were likely painted black at some point to help accelerate the draw…

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I am not experienced in radon, although I wondering if radon is an issue in that area? and this could be some basement radon ventilation ?

The area is 8 feet below sea level protected by concrete sea defense, the soil is mostly mud. No homes are built in Guyana Atlantic shore with basement, the homes are mostly built on stilts. I assume the lower level was later enclosed for storage. However, I very much appreciate your and all others comment.

It could be a nice listening device…
Imagine what you could hear with ears like that… :headphones: :wink:

Dear friends,
I was inform by one of my Facebook friends that it is smoke stack for a wood/charcoal “Dover stove”. I never saw a Dover stove but found this image of a Dover stove online.

Thanks for the update, Hemwant. Of course, they would need cooking and I did think of that but let it go by. :smile::+1::upside_down_face:

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