What I found (pics)

During a inspection yesterday I came across a HWT venting to the chimney.

As I was performing my attic inspection this is what I saw.

During attic inspection I noted where the bathroom exhaust fan terminated.

During the furnace inspection the back side of the CPVC pipe were almost melted. This is hidden from the front view.

And as a final blow the soil under the footing was washed away.

So many issues…

Dont think he will be buying this property.

I made the listing agent aware of the HWT venting in the attic.

All of us have seen stuff that is not the way it should be. All you need to do is document, present, let the buyer decide. You did your job. Now it is the REA’s turn.

I would advice not assuming the client won’t buy the property.

I once had an inspection where it was raining inside the living room, foundation had cracks, floors were dipping, but the client loved the vibe of the house and bought it anyway.

I had another one where the house was listed on the MLS has having been built in 2008, but I found the foundation looked more like a 1920’s era stye build, and it was crumbling. Based on my findings, the agent negotiated a huge seller credit to cover the cost of new foundation, and the buyers purchased the house.

Anything can be fixed.

Of course, on the flip side, I’ve had clients who did walk away over things that could have easily had been fixed. But I think it’s generally because they realize it’s just not the right fit.

Never assume… After 20 - 30 years you will collect quite an art gallery of creative images. I once did a house that just awful. Report summary must have 10 or more pages long. Clients went on to look at 3 more houses and came back bought the one I inspected. The reason they gave me was because the report was so detailed that gave a good idea of what needed to be fixed. See…it wasn’t about how many things that were wrong, it was about the lack of surprises they might find.
Never assume anything, if the people selling the home come down in price far enough someone will eventually buy it.