Old on-demand water heater??

This is in a closet with the water heater. I think it may be an on demand type water heater, but it looks pretty old. The copper lines are also very small for a water heater.

Does anyone know for sure what this is?

I don’t know what that is but what about the T&P valve on the water heater. It looks like a range connector is connected to it.?

Another thing I forgot. It is not legal to reduce from the 3/4 coming off the T&P valve. This one is reduced.

Also, it looks like the drain is running uphill.

Yes, I called out all those items with the water heater. I am just trying to figure out what the other thing is.

I would say if anything…the thing IS IN DEMAND of a replacement…might be On Demand…but…by the looks of it…It is IN DEMAND of attention or review…

Since I stink at Boilers…maybe it is a PRE-Boiler…Not really on demand but bringing up the temp to assist the WaterHeater in recovery…?

Mike, was there a steam shower in the house?
I did onwe of these a couple of years back they had a steam shower on the other side of the wall. The unit super heats the water for the steam.