Old panel configuration for comments

A home built in the 50’s has a panel configuration like pictured. A main beaker panel with a breaker for a sub panel that houses fuses to a dryer outlet. Main breaker panel also feeds panel to the rest of the house. The feed in that panel has 2 black leads connected the the feed from the main breaker panel to a single breaker panel that goes to an outlet for the washer.

Obviously it is a pretty old system and it’s not likely that replacement breakers can be found plus it is only 70 amp service.




Wow, you’ve got a lot going on here to include double taps at the main. I’ve also never seen those type of breakers. Who’s the manufacturer?

Are the sub grounds bonded and neutrals floating?

I’d simply recommend a licensed Electrician to evaluate and estimate repairs to numerous panels.

Ditto… too much going on, likely several things to ‘fix’…

I agree. With 70 amp and and all that going on I am recommending an evaluation to upgrade to at leat 100 amp. Most of the home still has onder 2 prong outlets so they’ll be needing an electrician soon enough.

The panel in the middle looks like Square D “XO” and the one on the right looks like it might be Frank Adams. Did you happen to note the brands?

“Frank Adams” How do you come up with these things. You must have seen everything ever built. I should go down to the Edison Home Lab and take some pictures. Maybe I can stump you :wink:

Seriously I wish you could have come along when I was inspecting the rehab of the John Ringling “CaDZan” mansion in Sarasota. I saw a lot of 1920s and 30 stuff they were restoring. The elevator had the same controller they used in the movie “Hotel” and the silver dollar sized contacts were in just about as bad of shape. When they were done it looked like brand new. They had an engineer from Otis overseeing the restoration (and I imagine he brought a big bag of parts)
I was actually amazed at how well the electrical system held up. I did Ecos testiing (early SureTest type of thing) on the raceways and virtually all of them were less than 1 ohm under load.

Frank Adams panels were very popular around here in the 50’s as well. Still a lot of them out there.

Those are “Multi Breaker” panels, a number of manufactures made them and they predate the Cutler - Hammer / Square D XO breakers.

That far right panel is also a Square D panel, in fact they are all Square D panels.