Old structure Beam dimensions

I am renovating a WWII era building that is constructed of posts and rafters. There are posts running throughout the building at 10’ oc. the entire structure looks like overkill. The roof pitch is a 5/12. I have removed some of the posts and ran beams that consists of 3 2x12’s, glued and nailed, and attached to the adjacent posts using LVL hangers and attached those hangers with 16d galvanized.

Can someone tell me if this is sufficient enough to carry the load?



Mark, not to be unkind, but that is an engineering call not a home inspection call, I would suggest contacting a structural engineer to advise on a full evaluation of the work that you are planning and that he produce a design to accomadate your needs.



Sound to me like you are screwing up a perfectly good post and beam building.

Yes, I know what you mean! However, these particular posts MUST go in order to make suitable for the intended use. Those old buildings are really put together!

It is definately an engineering question, but someone told me you run into all types on this site and that it is worth a try. Might find someone with experience in this situation. Thanks

Are u sure this is not balloon framed structure?

Any pictures?

Just another POV - do you require a permit for these structural changes, and what about AHJ- POV - (authority having jurisdiction - local code compliance officer)?

As several have noted - if it is not covered in the code book - it’s best reviewed and approved by a structural engineer.

This type of Q - is generally beyond the expertise of most home inspectors, unless they are a P.Eng.

My area only requires plans be submitted for approval by the towns building department staff who will review the drawings (which can be done by the homeowner or from draftsperson or designer), then the towns zoning examiner along with a Structural/Architectual plans examiner review the plans and then the building permit is issued.

I don’t know about a home inspector having to be an engineer, one can be a home inspector or licenced contractor, or architect I think or other profession that is familiar with construction.


Red flag;

Removing post at 10’ o.c. and replacing with 3-2x12 members.
Seeing that this is a construction of World War 11 era, I would defer to just eliminate a post at hand for convenience. That type of construction, as may seem to you as overbuilt, was actually sized in members for accommodating the lap joints, tennon joints and splines that were used in that type of construction of the time and in fact, weakened the members substantially, and the size of the members is and may be illusions to todays standards.
Beware of modifications to this type of construction, and proceed to find a builder that is knowledgeable in this type of construction. Or, hire an engineer.